007 nightfire

To be honest I only have 1 James bond game, which is nightfire. Yes, no goldeneye sadly. I found it cheap so I knew it wouldn’t be that good of  a game, it wasn’t a awful game, but it also isn’t the best in the gamecube library. You first get a tutorial  of how to play (like playing a normal shooting game does that, now sure, call of duty does do that, but you still play the adventure whilst learning, and there are no excuses because call of duty came out on gamecube too, and for some reason I don’t have the two games on the gamecube but I have most of them on the ps2) and then you begin the game. When you start the game, you want to know how to jump, now guess what button you press for you to jump? the “y ” button. really? why the “Y” button why not the “a” button because I have not needed to use the “A” button at all so far in the game. your job is to get into a hotel and save a girl (look, I do like James – bond movies but I don’t know very much about them, but there is another problem, this is not even a James bond movie!) but before you do that , you kill the soldiers so you don’t die, this would not be hard, but the camera is so sensitive that it is pretty much impossible to do at all, so you have to be very steady with the controls. so anyway you save the girl and  then you meet some other girl and then kill the guards to meet someone else, and then after that, the other girl is kidnapped by them so you then have to save her, and that’s when I pretty much QUIT THE GAME because it was getting on my nerves. all I can say is, not the worst gamecube game but not good at all! by tossed games

game review: wallace and gromit in project zoo

Wallace and gromit project zoo Is one of the only Wallace and grommit games to come out, as well as Wallace and grommit curse of the wererabbit which was actually really fun. I have two versions of the game, one on the ps2, and the other on the gamecube since I am trying to get as many gamecube games as possible (yes, I am a gamecube fan).But anyway, back to the game. The plot to the story is that it is this polar bears birthday, and Wallace and grommit are going to give a present to him. Now, do you see a problem here? What on earth has this polar bear got anything do with Wallace and grommit at all? (aside from this video game). So, anyway, they get to the zoo, and find out that the polar bear is captured by feathers mc graw (I am sorry but it has been ages since I have seen Wallace and gromit so sorry if I spelt it wrong. Plus, feathers mc graw is the penguin from the wrong trousers). So ,they ,obviously, go to save the polar bear. You first make a banana gun and use it to shoot bananas (is this a donkey kong 64 reference?), then, you must save the baby elephant, but before you do that, you must do other tasks first. After that, it is very simple to do, just climb to the top of the tree and save the baby elephant. Now, after you do that, you are in a mine and you must save another animal (I forgot what it is). It is a bit complex, but after you know what’s going on, it is very easy to do. Everything else is the same, save animals, do tasks and collect coins (which I don’t know what they do). It is very easy, but the real difficulty comes from the flying levels, basically, Wallace and grommit fly to feathers mc graw, but you cannot touch a thing, and I mean, do not touch a thing, if you hit something, go and restart the mission, your aeroplane goes crazy, and then you crash. it took me about 3 months to beat that tiny stage. but after that you can go have a cup of tea and relax, or go to your school and run through corridors saying “I COMPLETED THE FLYING LEVEL FROM THAT WALLACE AND GROMIT GAME ANYONE NEED HELP WELL TOUGH LUCK!”. that’s how far I have got to in the game I hope you enjoyed this game review. if you want to, check out my previous review on burnout. thank you for reading

by tossed games

game review #1. burnout

There is a game on the Nintendo gamecube and it is known as burnout.burnout is a racing game.The game is rated 3+ (which is E in America).The game has a loading screen which appears before the game menu pops out.That is pretty common with gamecube games and sometimes ps2 and xbox games as well.You then choose the car you want to be, you can also unlock cars too, choose the map you want and begin the race.When you start the race,you get three driving modes, back of car, closer to car and first person mode.There is also a time limit which is annoying.Why is it there in the first place?but when you get a  checkpoint, the timers ads on some seconds, and  let me tell you something, you are going to need those seconds to beat the race.The game also had 3 other racers too. really? Just three? Mario kart double dash could handle up to more than three racers (I think eight).Also, those racers are so fast that if someone gets in first place aside from you then forget it, its nearly impossible to do.Well, that’s really all there is to burnout.Its quite fun to play with a friend or on your own.It is also quite cheap as well, its at least £2.00. so if you see it, then pick it up. you wont be disappointed.

by tossedgaming


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