The Typical Viewing: Matangi/Maya/M.I.A

I’m quite a big fan of M.I.A‘s music. Her political speech looks at topics that play a big role in today’s society (such as the mistreatment of rights, politics and society). If you haven’t heard any of her songs before, then I strongly recommend you do. It’s not just meant to be catchy, her songs are meant to tell a message to the public.

When the trailer for M.I.A‘s film was released, it looked really interesting and different to other musical films of 2018. It looked like she had more to say than what her music videos could, and it looked like she wasn’t playing around. I saw the film very recently on DVD and I now respect Matangi even more than I did before. This film was fantastic.


Matangi/Maya/M.I.A is a documentary that looks on the musician’s (Mathangi Arulpragasam) entire life, through the use of old home recordings and other footage of the media. We learn that Mathangi lived through a place of war and came to the UK as a refugee. The documentary looks at how she got from one place to another, in her music carrier; however, it also looks on how the public shut her off from being able to tell her stories, which put her through verbal conflict.

The film isn’t meant to be a flashy light, impressive piece of art. It’s meant for one purpose only: It’s message.


M.I.A explains that she grew up in a world of war and knew what it’s like to be in those conditions, and she shows this kind of war in her music. This leads to the public mistreating her, claiming her as a terrorist, cutting her off from interviews and much more. It reflects on how silly we can be and how that silliness can affect someones career. There is a moment in the film where Mathangi talks about how a video of someone being shot alive was ignored by the media but when she makes a music video containing fake blood, the media suddenly react and think it’s wrong.
What M.I.A did was play both footage of her life and the media together to make us realise how wrong we are. We try covering up everything bad about the world and make other believe that what we live in is a happy world where everyone is friendly, when actually, our world is in the middle of conflict and the people who are trying to make awareness of this are looked at with a negative feeling on them. This film makes the audience think “we can’t say that about this musician as we don’t know her that well”, it’s by this point where I began to say: she’s right. She is absolutely right, everything she says is all true and agreeable. we over-react to entertainment/fake production but we never take a second look on true conflict.

This film made me have even more respect for M.I.A than I already did. It’s not just a fantastic film, but it’s a film we need in this time and day. I strongly recommend you watch this film because it’s one of the most important films that relate to this generation.

9/10- brilliant.



is a film directed by Steve Loveridge

is based on the life of M.I.A

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2 thoughts on “The Typical Viewing: Matangi/Maya/M.I.A

  1. I had never heard of M.I.A. until seeing the tweet for this post, but your review has piqued my interest in watching this documentary. I see it is available on Prime Video, so hopefully I can watch it. I really love documentaries.

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