i’m struggling with my blog posts

so, its been a very long time since i’ve written a blog post that i’ve actually enjoyed and felt pleased with myself with. for some reason,i cant write that well anymore on wordpress, and whilst i don’t have an exact reason to why that is, i can only assume its because my english has gotten better elsewhere (mainly in school) yet i still end up sticking to this confusing and messy style of writing on wordpress, and its putting me off, its bothering me that i can’t seem to escape this messy writing i do online. to be honest i feel like after i wrote the review to k-on the movie (which wasn’t even that great of a review), i felt like i was starting to go downhill, from certain points being explained in way too much detail,to points that are only a few words. i wan’t to find a way to get out of this style of writing (which is why the HAL review is taking a while,i’ve done a prototype of the review, i’m now figuring out on how i’m going to write it out without it making no sense), so i’m going to carry on practicing, and just hope for the best that i change. thank you all for reading this and i will speak to you later




  1. Nothing wrong with taking a break while you wait for inspiration to strike ❤ You're talking to the queen of that! But the fact that you are dedicated to putting out quality posts over quantity posts is really cool to me!

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  2. At least your didn’t delete and remake your account because there was one person you did not like. So your better off than me at least, I personally don’t care how well written something is because I suck at writing anyways and just try to type how I talk. It is probably stupid to do so but oh well :/

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