thoughts on love live sunshine

oh before i start i just want to say that a few days ago ,it was my second anniversary on wordpress, i want to thank everyone who has been with me on this blogs, without you, i would of never of been successful here. so thank you so much! you all rock!

so i just finished love live sunshine and it was quite well done for the type of show it is. this is a spin-off for the love live school idol project series, and for the most part these spin-off’s never end well to say the least. but with love live sunshine it was just as good as the original love live was, which is something i would of never expected from this anime.


the intro is probably the best one out of the love live franchise. you can see that they manged to improve everything they did wrong with the other intros and corrected them here.its presentation of the idols dancing is amazing! it looks great, i think its because they managed to animate the characters without making them look creepy, if you were to compare this to the original, it makes the original look like robots (i’ve shown the intro far too many times before so i don’t need to show you it here)


i ended up liking all the characters in the show, reason being that none of them were annoying, the ones that were intended to be annoying were the more fascinating characters in this anime,everyone else in the show was surprisingly jolly to watch, they never felt like they would get to a point where they couldn’t do anything to keep us entertained.

maxresdefault (5)

there’s Chika, she was the main character of the show, she liked school idols, mainly µ’s,and wanted to be one as well. Chika was a great character,whilst her personality was pretty bland, she was still an entertaining character. the only one thing i didn’t like is that she kept staying positive for the wrong times,someone would be sad of something she’d just smile and tell them that it would be alright, seems ok but it started getting repetitive very quickly.



i like you Watanabe but there’s not much to say for her, she’s just a character with a thing for sailor Salutes,which is an odd idea but i quite like it for some reason.



Riko_Chika_4 Riko is my absolute favourite from this show,  its her personality, its so calm compared to other characters, except for when she sees a dog,the reactions to her seeing a dog are amusing lol.




Hanamaru didn’t have anything special to her,she liked food, freindship and thinks everything tech related is the future.

Ruby is the character thats supposed to make you go “kawaii” or “awww” or “hissbeanssnakecup” (last one is a possibility), and goodness she really can provide some cuteness, this character is just a pleasant one to watch


the only problem i have with Ruby is her catchphrase “do your rubesty”, it doesn’t work,its like a goth using my username to talk about himself “i’m quite the gorith”,it simply doesn’t work. if they were to get rid of her catchphrase then she’d still be the same, nothing would of changed from her.


Yoshiko is basically the “nico” character in this show, now as some of you may know i didn’t like Nico (and i still dont) , so you’d probably think i hate Yoshiko…actually no, i didn’t hate the character because she was funny, unlike Nico where the jokes were unfunny in my opinion). instead of being an idol fan,shes a fan of demonic fallen angels and her being one, which ends up making her look rather odd in public.i don’t have much else to say but i’m so happy they didn’t make her like Nico,otherwise it would of just put me off and hate the show entirely, but she ended up making the show better, heck, the episode dedicated to her was great, again,unlike Nico’s




now mari is the only character i found to be less-interesting compared to the others. she basically speaks english, and to be honest, thats all she did that was fairly interesting, but then her english got really,really,REALLY annoying, otherwise she’s an ok character.

if you like her,then you like her, if she turned into a train and started singing beauty and the beast, that would be rather odd (what am i trying to prove here? idk?)


Dia is the school president but was once a idol fangirl, she stopped liking idols for spoilers i won’t mention of, and the way they present her makes you understand how upset she was to not enjoy school idols anymore,we can see she has to act mature because of her job as school president but you can see that she wants to go back to the joys of being an idol,she’s a good character that you can relate to if you had to give up something and move on with something else.55ag106kannan was unique to the love live series, she is a swimmer,which is quite an interesting concept but went fro interesting to generic pretty quickly, however they didn’t change her after her swimming idea became generic, if they her changed her personality after the “generic” term of her swimming addiction then there would of a good chance that most of us would of disliked her.aside from the swimming idea, Kanan has nothing new to talk about, she’s just that character that exists and we don’t question it because we like her too much lol.



now there’s  a big problem with the characters,whilst i like them and their personalities, they lack originality, because they have the same personality of the original cast (µ’s)

Chika = Honoka

You = Kotori

riko = Umi

Hanamaru = Rin

Ruby = Hanayo

Mari = Nozomi

Yoshiko (Yohane) = Umi

Dia = Eli

Kanan = Maki

(ok maybe Riko and Kanan aren’t nearly the same as Maki and Umi but they still give off that impression)

some of them look alike as well

Chika = Honoka

Yoshiko (Yohane) = umi

Uanamaru = hanayo


i’m not saying i hate the characters but i think they needed a better, refreshing personality, but they are a little too alike to each other




the plot is nothing special to be honest, Chika (the fangirl of µ’s) wants to become an idol, but Dia (the school president) won’t accept it because of her past, however Chika ends up with a group and starts dancing like idols-THIS IS BASICALLY LOVE LIVE SERIES 1 WRITTEN ALL OVER AGAIN!come on guys! why would you make the plot nearly identical to the original series (which i didn’t really enjoy in the first place!), how would i change the story? i don’t know, that’s their job, i’ve heard there may be a second series to love live sunshine,if they do make it, then don’t use the same plot, otherwise it looks like your just trying to take our money away.

so in conclusion, whilst love live sunshine is a good spinoff, it still has its problems, having a show that makes us feel like were watching an already existing series  is just boring and disappointing to see,especially for a show like love live. its not a bad show, not at all, i actaully quite liked the content of this show along with the characters being silly yet entertaining. if you like love live and you want to watch this show, then go for it, you’ll probably still like it just as much as the original.






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