thoughts on many anime

(yes i know my english here is a bit rubbish but its been so long lol)

as you may of noticed, i haven’t been active on wordpress for a bit.why? i just lost my blogging vibe and other stuff got in the way. i guess i could make a movie with this concept now.

but don’t worry, during these motnhs i have been watching alot of anime, and because i can’t seem to write them series by series anymore, i’m going to stcik them all in one post instead.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid (or dragon maid for short) is about a woman named Kobayashi who accidentally invites a dragon,called Tohru, to her house when she was drunk, Tohru becomes a maid for her while having a weird interest for her.

left=Kobayashi right= Tohru

i have to admit that Tohru looks adorable in her human form, i’m surprised that the artist could transform her and make her look cute at the same time,thats quite a challenge to be honest, have you ever tried drawing picturs of 2 things put together?

their are other characters too, there’s Kanna, whose the child of the show,shes supposed to be that goth like kid who is also fairly kind but unfortunately that just leads to her sounding sarcastic half the time, have a listen


there’s lucoa, who probably is my least favourite character from the show, she isn’t a terrible character but i just didn’t like her personality. she’s that average dumb woman with a big body….and lives with a kid, i know it sounds odd (and she does act a bit weird around the kid) but they seem to get along well, even if the kid is scared of her.



theres Fafnir , whose a demon and a gamer, thats about it for him , for some reason though he’s just funny, maybe because they don’t overuse him, he’s one of those characters that if you overuse them, they just get boring, luckily the creators didn’t do that and managed to make him entertaining. good job guys


Elma likes food.she’s alright, again, couldn’t get into her personality, however she had some downright hilarious moments or scenes with her in them were humorous.


the show has this humour that’s a lot like the simpsons ,its child friendly, though it contains some adult content (like sexual references and mature language). this type of humor is tricky to pull off, its either done badly or done amazingly well, dragon did it AMAZINGLY WELL, half the time the show just makes me laugh.

now the intro was good but the song choice was, in my opinion, bad

i get that it resembles the show, which ,in all cases,it does, but surely you could of chosen a different song, i dont know what other song they could of chosen but it shouldn’t be as hyped up as this one. none the less, its an alright intro

the outro, whilst it looks good, is pretty bland,its litterally just their daily routine and then they go to bed…thats it, thats all it is. the song choice was good though

now the ending was completely different to what the show was, the shows a comedic slice of life,with dragons, and i’m not referring to this

download (8)

and the ending was a fight between Tohru and her father because she wanted to stay with Kobayashi, but how does this


end with something that is more tense and “emotional”


it feels like the cartoon network to adultswim transformations


dragon maid does have its small amount flaws, but i’d still say that this is by far one of the best anime to exist, its just one entertaining show, and it sorts out the small problems it had in the first place. i’d say dragon maid is a 9/10 it would of gotten a 10/10 but its the ending that ruins it, we needed something that was more related to the show without changing too much, however everything else is dones perfectly, its worth a watch if you have time for it





now whilst dragon maid was funny, Konosuba was even funnier. the plot goes that a human,named Kazuma,has a heart attack from a fear of a tractor  (he thought someone was going to get hit by a car at first) ,he meets aqua in this ,what i would assume, is the purgatory (waiting room) where she tell Kazuma about this extra afterlife thats alot like a video game, he’s allowed to bring one thing with him, and since aqua p____ him off, he decides to take her. this leads to an interesting change, she starts off like this

images (5)

and then turns into this


you’d usually think it would be the opposite, that Kazuma would be the crybaby and Aqua would be the brave one, but its the complete opposite and thats what makes it hilarious.


Aqua and Kazuma start a team to go on adventures, 2 join. megumin is an wizard who likes explosion but ends up being un-active after one use

i must say Megumins design is pretty awesome

maxresdefault (4)

from the odd bandage on her leg to the big cloak, up to ….the sorting hat from harry potter

it makes look pretty badass, she really the only stylish character in the show (thats part of the main cast), she’s the only member in Kazuma’s group thats serious as well.


Darkness is a dumb knight (by dumb,i mean she isn’t all that smart), that’s the concept for her, and it doesn’t get boring, in fact she gets more funnier every time she’s on screen, every time she appeared she kept being more stupid, which leads to a good laugh, she pulls some cute faces too, especially when she’s excited for something.



all the characters never get annoying, and that is amazing, i thought they were going to be good at first but then repetitive and annoying, they got repetitive, but thats what i ended up wanting to see more of, i just wanted them to be themselves because it just lead to some hilarious moments. this was even better, they never got annoying! i’m so glad that the creators didn’t make them annoying because otherwise, i would of hated the show. it must of been hard for them to not make the characters annoying….probably not actually, they probably got lucky the first time round lol but its a good thing.


theirs certain scenes where they don’t go out on quests and stay indoors, and these scenes are by far he best part about the show, reason being that when they are indoors they can do anything they want, which means that anything could happen

if your going to show any scenes of this show to your friends, i suggest you show them scenes when the cast is indoors


the intros are amazing, from the song choice to the bright colours to the perfect type of scenery, its fantastic

(i can’t find any decent openings of series 1)

series 2 had a way better intro

this intro shows you what their adventures/quests are like, and as you can tell from the intro, its pretty mad,also the whoever sung this song has an amazing voice, its awesome, why couldn’t she might as well voice all anime intros, she sounds that good!

the outros are also fantastic, basically what i said for the intro is the same for the outro, however instead of them going on a quest, we see what they do in their meantime

(guess what, i can’t find a decent version of the outro online either! =/ )


their was a plot about killing a demon king (so that Aqua could go back to the waiting room to help others), but they kind of ignore the plot,and honestly, i didn’t care, actually i think no one did, it was a thing that we knew wasn’t  going to happen


in the end konosuba is FANTASTIC,though i have to give it a 9/10 because with certain scenes, the lyp syncing is awful, and the thing is it’s noticeable, if it wasn’t noticeable or wasn’t that big of a problem i would of said its fine but unfortunately it bothered me when i was watching the show.


spice and wolf


personally,i don’t enjoy shows where the setting is an old,peaceful village, usually because its always the same thing,something unnatural happens and some guy who is popular and well known has to accept it. spice and wolf is basically that plot but just told in a slightly different way.

so the show is about someone named Lawrence (a trader) who finds a fox (in a form of a human) in his cart, she then asks if he could take her to her home, and then they become buddies along the way,then the show becomes a boring slice of life…with a magic wolf


and thats basically it, somehow that plot managed to make 2 whole seasons.Now the plots basic but the content is ok, for the most part all they do is trade with others, nothing special but nothing bad.At the end of series 1 Lawrence goes bankrupt (or something like that)  and decides to do an  act to get his money back, with the help of Holo’s wolf form and Nora ( who is a shepherd they meet later on in the show)


series 2 was more about the relationship between Holo and Lawrence, its not as bad as you’d think it would be, it still had the main features of the original show, although it does lack on its entertainment,the drama in this show is dreadful, almost to the point where you can laugh from it, and half of the show is about some idiot trying to marry Holo and Lawrence trying to get her back, it was a long and painfully boring set episodes to suffer through.


the intros are great, i would love to show you them but unfortunately there is nudity in it and i don’t feel comfortable to post that type of content here, however everything in it is done right. from the song to the content of the intro,its all perfect. it doesn’t tell you the stroy, it shows you the scenery of the show, which is quite a good idea, i feel like if it was just the show told in a minute, the nit wouldn’t of worked for the type of show it is, but showing the scenery would hint the audience about what will happen in certain scenes in the show. outro is nothing special though, all it is is just photos of Lawrence and Horo


and thats about it for the show,its not bad but i can’t say its good either, its that kind of anime where it exists but no one expected anything fantastic from it. i think 7/10 is a decent score for this anime, if you haven’t watched anything good in ages, go for this anime, because you will probably accept it as being good, everyone else’s opinion would probably be “meh”


and thats currently all i’ve watched so far that i’ve completed (with the exception of gasaraki but that would have to be a whole blog post on its own). i know i’m not as active and my blogs aren’t as entertaining as before but i’l keep practising until it does! so stay tuned i’l have many reviews on the way!

just a quick list of the anime i’m going to be watching (no this is not seasonal)

-sword art online part 3-4 (episodes 15-25)

-love live! sunshine!!


-the unlimited hyobu kyosuke

-clockwork planet



anyways, i’m off now, have a great day or night




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