why do i love rhythm games so much?

dont worry next time will be an anime blog post


now i get it that i cancelled the gaming posts because hey just were not good but then this idea popped in my head, so lets talk about rhythm games….again

bandicam 2017-03-27 22-10-37-550.jpg

now as most of you know by now, I F***ING LOVE RHYTHM GAMES,there great, whether its dragging circles or mashing 4 buttons, its so addicting to play, but why is it so fun for me.


well for starters its a game thats worth the practice, you start off with a 50 bpm and move up to a 200+ bpm song, and it takes a ton of effort to get there, its taken me a year to get to that point, but when you look at the sped of song you think to yourself “damn, did i really just do that song” or “what?! i nearly passed that map!”, you can tell when you have improved, here is my first recording of my skills (recording, not first attempt at the game)

and here is me now

(ps the first screenshot is from osu and the second is from stepmania)


and if your wondering, half the time when i’m not blogging, i play these 2 games alot


another reason i like rhythm games is because it introduced me to music that i liked. now i’m not one who liked music that much when i was young, i didn’t reallly like Miley Cyrus or drake’s music (i still don’t today), and back then in the uk, they were big hits, and i had to deal with everyone dancing and listening to the song at school, so i didn’t like music that much, but when i watched staiain play stepmania at AGDQ, i decided to give the music genre a shot, and because of that, i found some of my favourite musicians, people like



(i was looking for their song master maid because its my favourite song produced by them but i cant find it online)


quick brown fox






seriously listen to these artists, there great,or more specifically they have an interesting style to music


anyways enough of me talking about my favourite soundtracks, lets talk about the last reason i like the rhythm games, and what better way to end than “its a game you challenge yourself on”. now this sounds aot like the first reason but let me explain, with games such as call of duty or team fortress 2, you can cheat and you can improve from other people ideas, which causes the community in a riot sometimes, and whilst that happens in rhythm games,one thing you cant do is cheat from others, you are on your own watching others play rarely work all you’ll get from it is try this hand placement for you fingers to move (dont think dirty), remember the reason we post videos of the game is because we just want to remember our reaction to when we got a good score at a map.


and those are my reasons for why i love rhythm games, its a calm time and you practice to get decent at the game, these games are worth a shot, trust me, they are addicting, play stepmania or osu or even FFR and you’ll be hooked to these types of games


download (1).jpg





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