thoughts on Angel beats

so i watched angle beats (Dr Dre seems to be running out of ideas, so now he’s making 45 degree headphones…..lovely) and it wasn’t very impressive….sorry everyone, i couldn’t enjoy it that much, don’t get all upset, we all have different opinions….i need to say this nearly every 5 milliseconds because some don’t understand the meaning”we all have different opinions”


this is one of those shows that doesn’t work for me, they take a mature topic and make it for teens and then completely change the story half way through. now its easy to make a kids topic into an adult cartoon but it can’t be said for adult topics for teens, war mixed with friendship and love doesn’t work all the time, and this didn’t take on the topic so well, half the time my reaction was



now some wouldn’t consider this a war anime but, there’s a school army, there fighting one person,its war, case closed.

now we’ll go through this bit by bit, lets start off with the intro

its probably one of my favourite anime intros for now, its colourful, the singer is perfect for the type of show this is, and i liked how they would hint scenes in the episode we were about to watch, its a nice little touch, gotta love when Kanade hits the note once the orb hits the piano, now she needs to play this also SEIZURE WARNING!!!

it’l be easy for her,i think.

however the second version sounds like someone spat into a half broken electric guitar, with 2 of its strings gone and played by a 187 year old who has never been educated, and i do mean 187

come on, there no real rhythm to it, its awful, i could probably do better just by stabbing a pen into some crisps, well you get the picture, its not a very good cover



lets talk about the characters, long story short, it has the same problem with love live, there’s too many and there all bland as f___,they’re all useless and look really stupid,i’l only go through a few of them because most of them are not that important

yuri is a woman who acts like a brave man, but has emotional break downs because of her younger sisters being killed because she couldn’t help some robbery that had happened in her house, yeah its a very cliched background, its been used many times before in movies and shows, or its just me imagining things, the second one is probably not true.


ok maybe that wasn’t a good picture to use761cbfb8c907e65aa8c4cec06c2ff92b.jpg

yeah this ones better


Yuzuru is the main male character in the show, he is slightly confused on whats been going on, and doesn’t really know how to react to it.


looks determined but has no clue on what the hell is going on around him, i mean look at some of the scenes he is in

its like living in the dash hopes trilogy (they’re good songs, idk want to add too many videos which is why i haven’t included it)


there’s only one more major character in this series called Kanade, she was at first an evil human then she became a normal hero….sounds like the Godzilla movies if you ask me


she was also the only good character from this show, she has a good personality, hooray! that’s enough for me.


now the plot, its sh!t, i’m not gonna dilly dally around with this, its simply sh*t, its so bland that its actually confusing, basically, half dead humans who haven’t accessed the afterlife live in a school….ok, and are trying to kill Kanade because she has magical powers and if killed they can do something, and then Kanade becomes good, and then they fight some weird blob and catch a big fish, and then kill some person we don’t know of…what?! i’m not sure if it was because of my sh*tty laptop that kept turning off the dvd player every time i tried to watch this or if i looked at the plot the wrong way, i just makes no sense. the final scene shows Kanade and Yuzuru together and then Kanade goes away

oh i forgot to mention that Yuzuru, in the real world, donated his body once he had died so that he could be used for someone else.people claim this scene as heart touching, i don’t know why you think that because it really isn’t, th e reason i don’t find it sad is because it was rushed, not how they got to the conclusion but the conclusion scene itself was rushed, so the emotions was simply

“oh its sad”

1 second later

“oh never mind it wasn’t sad”



i can see why people like angel beats, because of its interesting style of story telling, and i will admit, whilst its not very good, its worth a watch, you can be get deep into the story and enjoy it, or you’l be like me who wasn’t very pleased that you spent £20 for this

final result is a 4.5/10, just barely grabs my attention, but its boring and pratically nothing important happens, which is why this blogs a mess, but if you can somewhat understand the story,its a good laugh


anyways next time, i have no clue on what i’l be doing, it will most likely be manga mania, the miku mangas part 2 or something else, anyways see ya





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