thoughts on Ergo Proxy


i’ve actually been wondering about what my thoughts on this show is like, do i like it or do i not, took mew bloody ages but my final answer is….i don’t know lol, i still can’t decide on if i like it or if i don’t


well first off lets talk about the show itself, if you know about it its because of 2 reasons, either

1)you dug deep into the MVM catalogue and found it


2)you watched pewds video on his favourite anime

it’ll be one of the 2


now ergo proxy has a very confusing story to it, but i’l explain it as easily as possible. there is a place called Romdo, and its a very dull futuristic style location, a character called re-l finds out about proxies and starts hunting them down, or more specifically one of them, his name is…is….is….___ i’ve forgotten the name =/

bandicam 2017-03-14 19-43-37-905.jpg

Vincent law, but its kind of too late because hundreds of weeaboos have probably gone mental judging from the fact i forgot his name and have probably started hunting me down.

anyways Vincent law is a refugee from Mosk (or so he thought) that causes trouble in Romdo after a proxy tried to attack him, after this he flees the scene and gets lost with an infected autoreiv (a robot) called Pino,which at first, i thought was the name to a very bad pistachio brand.

for the character she is, she’s surprisingly funny and enjoyable to watch, you would think she’s a spoiled kid but she isn’t…for 99% of the time

now after vincen’t realises he is a proxy he starts to go mad, i know a lot of you would say they copied Tokyo ghoul, but this came out beforehand, and plus theres alot of shows that do this, however i should mention now that i know this, origin spirits of the past copied the style of tokyo ghoul, when that kid is about to lose his powers and nearly become a tree…i still don’t even know to this day why that was a good idea


and at the end we learn that vincent created Romdo and fled the country to live as a normal citizen,and then romdo is pretty much destroyed, just like that, now you see it

now you don’t

and this is what

Romdo looks likedownload (32).jpg

bloody hell, heck of alot to talk about, and don’t get me started on the mini plots, they take even longer to point out, and there’s one in particular i want to talk about soon because it was  terrible

download (33).jpg


anyways as you can tell the plot is very cliched, i mean the story is about a person who is a wimp and then realises he has an odd power he never knew of and then becomes the main plot,sounds like some weird show you see if nothing else is on TV, now you can have a cliched story and if you can make a new side of that cliched story, you can grab an audience,Ergo Proxy sort of does that and successfully fails at it, but in a good way, like i said i can’t decide if i like the show or not because it does new and good ideas and yet they are boring and terrible but yet i enjoy it, its a hard one to talk about.

another problem with the plot is that you know what will happen very soon, you can watch the first 4 episodes and know that Vincent will be on his own, Re-l will know what to do in her life,Pino will just be there, and Romdo will no longer exist, its such a basic plot even a kid that hasn’t even been born could probably know all of this just by hearing it.



the intro is great, it sounds great and looks impressive, but it has no resemblence to ergo proxy at all,instead it just shows clips of pigeons and locations….i’m not even joking about this,look for yourself

what is this, an anime or some 12 year old’s vlog who uses his phone to record what he witnesses?

how is this related to a show like this

wait what? ok so now this show likes giving us odd scenes, why? was this necessary


if your gonna have an intro, make it relevant to the show, this intro is just the wrong pick for a show like this, i would’nt be surprised if the season 2 intro was this

(how many times have i done these types of jokes? this is getting boring, and yes i intend on getting onto this anime soon)


finally there are some characters i need to mention,


Iggy is an autoreiv who takes care of re-l, he’s pretty much useless but don’t worry, he dies later on


download (34)

Raul creed was some horrible villain this anime, he was one reason Romdo was doing pretty badly, he is simply a ____ and there is no pity for him needed, also he dies too, how much pity did we have for him when he died



then there is Daedalus, ehhh he was ok but at the end he was useless and boring, and guess what, he also dies,gee he could of survived i mean he wasn’t all that boring

download (35)

also at first i thought he was a female,then when i found out he was a boy i was baffled =/


and one more thing i want to add in before i end this blog post, there is a lot of nose detail, which is something you won’t see often in anime, i’m glad they gave them noses and not little nubs in the centre of their faces


and that’s really all i have to say, its got MAJOR flaws in it, and i mean MAJOR, and it puts me off this series but there a minor things i like about the major problems plus some other things, so how the hell do i suggest this to you, i’m sorry but i have no clue if you would like it or not, i can’t even tell if i like it or not,

so therefore its a ?/10 because i have no clue on what to score it as,

anyways we have that one episode to review from this anime, so be prepared for that, thank you for reading and good day/goodnight




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