thoughts on love live, school idol project series 2

as most of you should know, i didn’t enjoy the first series of love live, everyone in the sorry was bland, the plot was bland and its idea was not presented in the correct way . now with that said, i decided that  i might as well finish off the love live school idol project series (with that said i haven’t seen the film), and see if it gets any better,and surprisingly, series 2 was a far bigger improvement to the first series.


now lets start off with what i believe was needed in the show, and that is the intro didn’t have horrifying lifeless 3d animation to it,they improved the animation way better then what it used to be, and they also presented it in a nice way too,

as you can see,its far better than…you know, the other intro, which just reminds me of some bezerker music video

yeah sorry about the box but this was the only good version i found on the internet


the plot itself is pretty average for something sad,the older students, Eli,Nozomi and Nico,are going to graduate, so this would be the last time they can “actually” perform at love live, they didn’t go before which is why i say “actually” with quotation marks. the plot will probably make most cry but if you’ve watched something like root A or clannad: after story,you’ll be fine.the plot isn’t always brought up that often surprisingly, unlike k-on the movie where they kept bringing up the idea of Asuzas gift every 5 miliseconds, that will be the only time i prefer love live over k-on!


now the soundtracks before were not all that great, they were ok but not great, but series 2 had some great catchy songs, and i mean dang are they catchy. they really did put alot of effort into the songs, here, have a listen,pretty good right ?



….oh ok fine, since you guys cant take a joke, here’s an actual song by them

mmmmmmm still prefer stayin alive but at least its better than before


the character’s personality! BLOODY HELL THEY CHANGED ALOT! and in a good way too, before they were bland and boring,but now, they still are, but they did get a better personality at least, could of done better but they are now ok…except for Nico, she’s still a piece of sh*t


now the show still does have some problems, one of these things is that the plot is still too boring, i get people like idol stuff but, if the whole plot is about  just being an idol, it will get boring, they do try to tackle other subjects, but it doesn’t work,not in the least. and another problem is the mouth sync, and i’m referring to the japanese dub (remember i dont watch dubs, i watch it in its original language with subs), the lip syncing is awful,i don’t often complain about lip movement because its pretty hard to do correctly, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable,its one of the problems that annoyed me during the entire series, but thats about it, everything else in the show was better than what it used to be, it made me laugh from time to time, especially scenes like this

and other times it made me curious, overall love live school idol project gets a 7/10, fairly good but the minor problems turned out to be major problems


anyways i’l see you later




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