thoughts on root A (don’t bother reading,this blog post isn’t that geat, but i’l be back in the blogging vibe soon, now go have your dinner, what is it?onion soup?! well thats quite sh*t)

before you ask yes the summer wars review is cancelled, i cant seem to find anything bad to point out after the first 20 mins


so i watched tokyo ghoul root A a while back and it was emotionally tough to watch,it takes on tougher situations on what the characters have to deal with and making them seem heartbreaking, and i’m not saying this because its just what happens, its because it could happen to anyone….with the exception of ghouls living with us because it ain’t gonna happen buddies, so you can now cry and wish you were living in that world,and then realise its a bad idea

giphy (1).gif
also it would be pretty cool if Tokyo ghoul had a crossover with doctor who-wait David Tennant’s no longer the doctor

so it starts off from where the first series ended,Ken Kaneki frees himself from the asylum and everyone else ends the fight that was going on


and after that, yo would think he would go back to Anteiku (which was the ghoul group who ran their own cafe), but he instead moves onto Aogiri (which was the opposite ghoul group, the ones at the end of series 1), and this is so he can gain strength to be a worthy ghoul to fight in a war that would be happening soon.


we also learn about how much Touka cared for Kaneki, and its heartbreaking to see how much effort she does for Kaneki


btw i couldn’t find a picture or gif of this but in the beginning of the series, when touka chases after Kaneki, you can easily notice she isn’t running on the floor, it looks like the animators took a picture and stuck her on top of it,if you re-watch it, you’ll understand what i mean


as for the intros,they are great, they sound amazing, but it doesn’t feel like its something for tokyo ghoul, its too emotional, and i get it that the show itself is emotional tough, having a soothing piano for tokyo ghoul doesn’t work, you may of also realise i haven’t shown ¬†the intro link, thats because nearly all of them are blocked or copyright claimed lol, don’t say funimations one because funimation blocked it in our country, damn you funimation. you may of also realise this blog post is a load of utter sh*t lol, thats because everything is mostly the same in the original series and i cant be bothered to go through them again


and i’m not gonna mention the ending just for spoilers


anyways thats really all there is i can say about this anime, yeah i get that this blog post is small (and sh*t), ii should of probably wrote my thoughts on both of them in one whole post but meh, i dont have much to say about it


anyways, i’l see you later, hopefully with a better blog post


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