thoughts on Tokyo ghoul (series 1)

this is by far the most requested anime i’ve been told to watch, so i finally watched it now, so now you can all be happy that i watched it-oh wait there is a series 2 and a film….well i’m not watching the film thats for sure.

so….Tokyo ghoul was very good, in fact very good. its a nice, voilent show that i thought was quite good, i did like it alot, AND THAT FREAKIN MASK! HOLY SH!T DO I WANT THAT MASK!!!

download (13).jpg

the intro was amazing top listen to! i love it, have a listen for yourself


the show is about someone called Ken



images (3).jpg

yes thats the one, now poor old Ken Candyneck here, had a crush on someone called Rise kamishiro, and when they finally go out on her date, she tries to kill him…..what?! no i’m showing you that scene, it would probably kick me off wordpress, and then rise gets killed and ken is safe, however some of his organs were replaced….with hers….what?


and then the rest is kind of too brutal to talk about and would ruin most of it for you.

some other characters in the show:

-there is Touka, who is someone who is also a ghoul and is often always serious and aggressive


oh and she is scared of birds….wait if she’s scared of birds then why is her ghoul power wings?

images (4).jpg

doesn’t really make sense does it????


-there is also Ken’s freind who’s name i cant remember, to be honest he’s kind of useless


in fact there is quite a lot of characters in this show that are imporant that it would be anightmare trying to talk about everyone, its like counting how many sprinkles there are on an ice cream, there is a million or there is none



now notice how i haven’t said the show is fantastic? well its not very unique in my opinion, in fact, something else used most of these ideas first….THE INCREDIBLE HULK!!!! most of the things you see in tokyo ghoul also happen in the hulk, allow me to show


-the hulks parents died when he was young



-something horrible happens to the hulk which turns him into something unnatural

download (15).jpgimages-5


-the more angrier they are, the more powerful they become



-its hard for them to calm down and turn normal without someone supporting them


-the characters try to keep calm and carry on (see what i did there, very impressi-oh, oh ok l-ets just carry on ) as much as they can but they usually have to fight back or transform into there unnatural self


-they don’t give up too much or they fight back

download (17).jpgfc2ea04dcabd093dc08c85ee8639a6413f3b7bde960b82a6e99cd33c8848360d_3.jpg



you see? most things they do is also what the Hulk (and probably many other superheros)did first lol, who would of thought Tokyo Ghoul would of been like the hulk?


do i recommend it?? depends if you don’t mind violence and are up for an interesting story (which i shall not spoil!!! which is probably why this blog was so short), then pick it up



anyways thats it for today, i’l see you later








  1. TG is one of my fav anime, yea there are some plot holes and similar themes but on the whole you just end up feeling for Kaneki and in season 2 my heart just breaks for him completely.

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