manga mania #1- the Miku mangas (but there are no Miku pics)

welcome to the first instalment of manga mania, this is a new series where i’l just be going through a bunch of mangas and reviewing them….so i could of easily just called this a thoughts on blog and it would still have the same meaning to it….nobody here gives a sh*t do they?

to start off manga mania we shall be looking at 2 Mangas dedicated to the blue haired girl who sings


the other one

download (11).jpg

YES!!! thats the one

yes today we shall be looking at the Miku mangas (Hatsune mix and Mikubon)

but before we do that, i’l explain who Miku is for those who don’t know:

Hatsune Miku is a fictional japanese idol/singer/vocaloid who EVERYONE KNOWS Of gonna be honest her music is great, let me show you some of her songs

amazing isn’t it?

so with that said, lets look at the 2 Miku Manga’s which i happen to own

lets first start off with the unoficial Hatsune mix


can i just say its the longest manga i’ve ever seen! look at the size of it


this book took me a while to read (about a week). Its ginormous.

to be honest there really isn’t anything special to the stories in the manga, its basically a slice of life with a couple of weird scenes from time-to-time.

bandicam 2017-01-01 12-52-36-936_Ink_LI.jpg

so its not really a book about Miku dancing, its more of a simple slice of life, which is the problem  here, its a slice of life about Miku, and that’s not what people want to see, people know Miku for her idol singing and dancing, not her average life. we want to see her dancing to something or something like that, not this load of cr_p. well to be fair whilst its not bad, its definitely a disappointing manga to read.

now lets move onto mikubo-oh great. This manga is REALLY bad, its another slice of life miku manga (oh come on! i know its made by someone else but did you really have to make a slice of life)


the worst part about this is that its set in the school…Miku really doesn’t need a school manga. the manga is also the smallest one, its so small!


as if someone sliced the top off with a katana.

its got everyone you need in there, Miku and the gang, along with some scientist who makes things and some lewd person….wait what, WHEN IN THE F*** DID MIKU HAVE SOMEONE LEWD IN HER STORIES?!!!! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

(i couldn’t find any pics  of the manga online and trying to take pics from the book would be a nightmare)

i think next time  we will actually look into the problems of these mangas (rather than just thoughts on)

but that will take a while,i’ve got plenty of other blogs to write too




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