i’m sorry

hey everyone, so we reached 60 followers this year,which is incredible, thank you so much, it means a lot to me.

however with that said, this year was not very good,blog-wise. i have improved my blogs but posting them is the problem, i did not make too many blogs this year because 2016 was not an easy year for me. schoolwork became insanely important this year, and i had so much homework to do that i didn’t have time to blog, and when i did have free time, i wanted to use it for something else (like play a game and chill out) rather than blogging. which leads to my second problem this year, i started getting bored on blogging and i was not in the mood for it for a long time (you can tell from my latest review, k-on the movie, that i wasn’t in the mood because that blog did terrible because like i said, i was not in the mood for blogging), that really was the reason i didn’t post to often this year


however 2017 is nearby so this should be a fresh new start, i am back in the blogging vibe,and ive got a ton of things to do

1)my review on summer wars

2)thoughts on Tokyo ghoul (series 1),love live (series 1),angel Beats and k-on! (series 2….yes i did forget to write a blog on it)

3)i’m planning on a new series called “manga mania” where i look at a bunch of manga and give my thoughts on it. it will either be a bunch of good manga or it will be a review of a bad manga (or a manga thats weird and worth reviewing), it will be different every time

maybe) i may bring back random pics, i never started it n youtube so i might start posting more of them






(btw i am active alot on twitter, you can follow me if you want, @MakhailRehman )


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