sunshine blogger award

yet another award i got nominated for, and this one was by all about anime

well thanks!!!! =D


so i got 11 questions to answer, lets do this


1)what got you interested in blogging?

it all started last year, it was a rainy day, thundering everywhere, bright white lines exploded….uhh  let me re-phrase that, the sky was glowing white but not in a nice way. i was locked out of my house, thunder suddenly hit a tree near me,and all of sudden, something gold appeared, it was a statue, it spoke to me, in a posh,calm and quiet voice

and then, i new what i had to do…or to be telling the truth, my sister just introduced it me and i thought “eh,i’l give it a shot”, simple as that.


2) What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell people?

that i’m religious, i don’t talk about it often because its very personal to me


3) What first got you interested in anime and or manga?

my sister brought home a film, called kiki’s delivery service, it was good, so i gave anime a shot, the first one i ever watched was pom poko, its by far the worst anime i have ever watched, then i watched a much better anime, the cat returns (yeah i started off with the ghibli collection)



4)Are you an early bird or a night owl?

i’m half and half, i occasionally sleep in alot or i wake up quite early, its like the early bird and the night owl had a baby, who was me….it was a very ugly baby =/

5)Do you plan or wing your blog posts?

i plan if its a review, if its a thoughts on i just wing it

download (5).jpg



6)If you could save three things from a fire in your home, what would they be? Ps size, weight and quantity don’t matter.

oh easy, my laptop, sticks and marshmallows. i would use my laptop for blogging, and i would use the sticks and marshmallows to heat up from the house fire, i’l let my anime collection burn, most of the ones i own are sh*t anyway lol


7) Do you have any anime merch? (this includes manga) If yes, what was the very first thing you bought?

i do have anime merch but not too much (i only find anime merch at conventions), the first anime merch i ever bought was some death note key ring of L’s name, i dont recomend it, it rusts away in a couple of days



8) How open are you in the real world about your feelings towards anime?

i dont talk about anime 24/7 in public, i occasionaly bring it up, though not many are interested in the topic, so i end up talking about stuff like sandwiches, and then it leads on to some other strange topic like really bad games

yeah i’m looking at you 18 wheeler



9) Have you ever cosplayed or wanted to? If yes, what character and why that character?

i never have cosplayed but i was to cosplay, i would love to cosplay as Lucifer from devil is a part timer or sora from NGNl. Lucifer (from DIAPT) is much like me, a big internet geek who doesn’t really take part in major things and just has a life of his own


and Sora is just a f***ing cool character



10) If you knew money was not an issue, what is the one thing that you would do for yourself?

stick the notes on a wall and make the pound coins badges…because what else is there better to do in life?



11)  What is your favourite post that you have written on your blog and what is the most popular post on your blog?

my favourite post? i’m gonna say the origin spirits of the past review because it was such a terrible film and its satisfying to review something that’s really sh*tty

bandicam 2016-11-12 22-24-03-246.jpg

my most viwed blog post was “top 5 reasons why death note is brilliant”, i litterally made that blog in 5 minutes so i’m not sure why people enjoy it



right now i need to nominate some people, i nominate:

dream caver:


new seasonal anime



and thats all i could think of to nominate



1)Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

2)Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3)Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.

4) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.



1)name a show that’s so bad its good (can be an anime)

2)what is the weirdest fanbase you have ever been part of

3)did a question like this ever need to be asked?

4)long sleeve or short sleeve shirts?

5)what song do you like, but no one has ever heard of?

6)what is the most saddest that has ever happened to you (feel free to skip this question if you feel like its an invasion of privacy

7)if your blog was deleted, what would you do

8)what place do you want to be real? (from a show,film,book etc)

9)favourite drink?

10)what colour helps you to relax?

11)why 11 questions? (and dont just say its the rules” give a silly answer”)


and that was my sunshine blogger award =D

once again thank you allaboutanime for nominating me, your a great person








  1. Ooooh. Interesting intro to the anime world. You must be thankful to your sister. 😉
    Congratulations on receiving this award. Keep it up. And of course, thank you for the nomination as well. I appreciate it. Take care. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That chicken wing does look good to eat. I am curious about your religion. I don’t want to bother you but if you wish to to share, I would gladly listen. Congratulations on the award!

    Liked by 1 person

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