another versatile award???


yes, i know there has not been a anime related blog out for a bit, but i’m working on a new review and a new thoughts on. so checked lita’s blog to see if anything new was posted…there wasn’t =( so i read her versatile blogger award and then realised that she nominated me for a versatile award too, sorry about the delay i never even noticed, FORGIVE ME LITA AND THANK YOU!

lita,matt,joe and animegirls, you need to watch k-on! its f***ing brilliant


anyways you know how this blog award goes:

thank the person who nominated you,

display the award

7 facts about yourself

watch hentai whilst eating spaghetti with a thick chocolate milkshake (good luck)

nominate some bloggers (speaking of which, they are the same as last time)


here’s 7 more things about me

  1. i write very slowly and my handwriting is complete sh*t for a teen lol




2)i have a loud voice, which means my whispering is quite…loud


3) my favourite anime intro is from love election and chocolate, dunno why, its just a really cool intro


(btw this show is a must watch)



4)i know way too many hentai’s thanks to amazon showing them as some of the first results when i search up anime…do not try this


5)i a late nighter, who needs sleep am i right?



6)i like having long hair (well its not insanely long)


7) i only started watching anime 1 year ago…no joke


and that is all,  the nominations are the same as last time, anyways you have a great day or night








  1. I am so used to typing these days that writing hurts my hand. Who knows how I managed to scribble so much during my school years haha. By the way Amazon links stuff that you have previously checked out… so that could explain all the hentai you perv 😉

    Love, Election and Chocolate is a nice series. Good to see someone give it a mention, as I don’t know many people who have watched it. “Shameless plug alert” My review of the series can be found here :-

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