the versatile award


man was i excited when i got nominated for this award (or any award to be honest) but the only problem was i got the message 3 in the morning and there was school, so i had to go do school first (sadness),but anyways, i was nominated by lynlynsays, thank you =D

( )


so now i’ve got to right 10 things about myself…ok then


1)i’m gonna start with an obvious one, my favourite video game genre is rhythm games, and i play games like osu! (or more specifically osu!mania) WAY TOO MUCH!….hey at least i got some decent scores




R^3 - Speed Limit 38 - 31635 - 574-118-13-0-16.png

2)as most of you also know, i like to do stop motion sketches, although they are really sh*t

to be honest xD


3) my favourite pokemon is oshawott…thats a thing i guess



4)as much as i love anime, i will say there is one cartoon i love more than anime, rick and morty, its just a satisfying cartoon to watch

unfortunately its not out on dvd here in the UK (though its on netflix), the only reason i saw this was because adultswim were streaming the whole series  (adultswim own the show)


5)i can never choose what my favourite thing is, whether its a game or anime, so i usually have my personal favourites that i LOVE rather than choosing one


6)i use twitter ALOT, i’m always on it everyday, so if you want to talk to me a bit more, then see my twitter


7)i f***ing love mechanical keyboards, they make the most satisfying sound to ever listen to

download (3).jpg



so that was 7 utterly useless facts about me, now its time for these peoples turn








Do not eat anything swet-wait wrong rule



real rules

show the award

share 7 things about yourself

thank the nominator

nominate some bloggers


enjoy =)




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