thoughts on: no game no life

yes, i finally watched no game no life!!!! and it is one my most favourite anime’s i have ever seen, it is so f***ing good, how else can i describe it?!


what took me so long to watch this anime you ask? easy

1)the dvd only came out this year in the uk

2)it was expensive, really expensive, it was about £30 for the normal dvd, but for some reason the blu ray costed £26, why blu ray is cheaper than dvd, i dont know, and as you may be aware, i dont watch anime in blu ray because my PC does not support blu ray discs. and the limited edition boxset costs about £40, and the limited edition boxset is slightly disappointing, but we will get to that point later, now having said that the limited edition costs £40, i found a pre-owned copy (had everything still included) at CEX (which is a store that sells pre-owned games and films), for £28, so i had to buy it because that would be my only chance on getting my hands on a copy for cheap, and you know what, it was worth it

lets first talk about the intro/outro…I F***ING LOVE THEM!!!! everything is fast paced and colourful, and its presented in an excellent way, seriously watch it (unfortunately i could not find it without subtitles)

what? how does a video game based anime turn into a kids show intro? oh yeah, i’m writing this blog

bandicam 2016-10-08 21-49-16-224.jpg







the outro 3as also fantastic and colurful too (could not find any versions without subtitles so sorry)

so if you have heard of this anime, then you know its based in a game, whilst you are correct with that statement, its not the type of game you expect, its located ina video game of chess, if you don’t know what i mean, its chess but as a video game


so the show is focused on 2 characters shiro and sora





as you can tell they are usually childish however they are also sometimes mature


anyways shiro and sora are gamers who have never been beaten by anyone in a game, they call themselves “blank” since they are known to have no game name, they make sure they never get beaten by anyone either, by tricking everyone but in a way that’s not cheating. they are then sent a message to beat a game at chess, so they manage to beat that match, and then they are taken to a new world by that god of the world, also known as Tet, he says there are rules in this world, most major one being no cheating, otherwise its an instant loss to any match of any game, the reason i like this so much is because its something that actually makes you laugh, Tet i just being happy and telling sora and shiro what the rules are whilst sora and shira are panicking about the new world they were taken into

NGNL god.jpgthe creators of this show/mango- i mean manga is that rather than having him left alone from the show, they actually use him occasionally, which is something you never always see in anime’s or cartoons, but i approve

i should also point out this show gets ecchi, VERY ECCHI! its just teasing the ecchi limit , but it shouldn’t bother anyone, hopefully



i wont spoil what happens after that, because its quite insane to handle and you would probably get bored of me talking about it,

the show is very fast paced, i should point this out (you could probably tell from the intro), so your mind might not be able to handle all of it at once.


do i recommend the show F*** YEAH!!!! i didn’t spoil too much of it because these are why the “thoughts on” blogs are made for, which is why mine are usually short, if you like fast paced action, then this show is for you


the characters are great, the location is colourful and fantastic and the story is so good


go watch this anime if you have the money for it


anyways bye then =)





this part is mostly for UK viewers, as you may know the american copy of NGNL limited edtion contains a big box full of cool stuff

download (2).jpg


i would like to point out you don’t get this in the uk, i checked on amazon and the reviews said you only get the 12 prints, the blu ray, the dvd and the cd, and the 12 prints are one sided, which is good, because if you want to stick them on your wall, you dont have to flip them around, still why cant the UK not get the big box ? =( oh well at least its cheaper




  1. if your wondering about my thoughts on the upcoming movie adaption, eh not really interested in it, it does look and sound interesting but it really has to be done perfectly otherwise it just does not work


    • tell me about it, and when you think about it, you only gets 12 prints (one sided rather than double sided), i was gonna leave the anime due to the fact it was expensive, but like i said, i found it cheap pre-owned so i bought that

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  2. I adored NGNL I also only just recently watched it! I loved how they won at chess that was one of the ultimate NGNL scenes for me where Sora saves his king hahaha. I also did a review on it. But that is not why I am here, I wanna let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award on my blog!

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