(part one) rocky…the gamecube game =(

yes, i know its not anime-related, i do gaming and anime blogs, also all of my old followers know my gaming blogs and probably prefer them more than my anime blogs, also i’m a huge gamer, so obviously i would talk about gaming on this blog too




im sure most of you know what rocky is, its that story where a boxer fights some other boxer and other stuff happens too…and thats my non-anime review of the day



if you have not seen the film, go watch it, its a good film (i’ve only seen the first one, i bought the boxset but i dont have the time for the other films)


so why am i talking about this…well, their is a game cube game based on the film rocky…yeah you can already tell that this did not end well


beleive it or not, there was a time where every single licensed game was bad. these game were boring, the controls were awful and even worse the characters looked like they were skinned and stuck on a mannequin

the game is just your average sh*tty boxing game, maybe a little too sh*tty, like i said the characters look awful, how bad you ask?


yup, i would not be suprised if this was in your next nightmare, look at it, they look awful and they are not rendered properly, seriously look at sylvester stallone!!!!


this game is also easy…from what ive played (i didn’t play too much of this game because it really was terrible), here is how the first match is played like a normal boxing match, 3 rounds and you have to knock the other player out, and my god is it hard…he lied, the first player is so easy to beat, just go towards him and mash the x and y button on your gamecube controller as fast as you can


this is the a wireless gamecube controller that nearly no-one has because its easier to play wired (and wired controllers are cheaper) and you would not have to replace the batteries with a wired controller (shame how wired controllers are disappearing)

so after you beat that boxer…from mashing 2 buttons and moving the control stick, you can do training, or play the next player…and thats it, it just keeps repeating this pattern over and over and over, WTF?! this game has no effort put into it at all, it probably was just a way for them to make a few pounds, well they got their pounds, a pound on the head that is! i don’t recommend this game at all, not in a billion years…actually play it in  a billion years time and it may actually be better than what new games 3098 has to offer, who knows? (we would all be dead, and if you are reading this in 3098, how are you? i’l respond to you in the afterlife)



this is also the reason why you find licensed games (on the gamecube,ps2 and gamecube) alot at second hand stores, and for cheap too, i bought this game for £2.50 (didn’t know what else to buy, and this kept appearing everywhere), now i am not done with this game though, i’m going to see how much i can play and then i’l make a part 2 of this blog later by reviewing it and using sh*t pics i took from my camera





anyways ive got nothing else to show so here is Yui crying, its quite cute strangely, yui was a very strange character in K-on! wasn’t she? she also loved food, just seeing her nomming on food was quite adorable as well






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