blogs i never finished or started

so for the past year i’ve had many blog ideas pop into my head but then i just happen to forget it, and this happens alot, so i decided to show you the blogs that i never finsihed or started


hentai online stores

i was going to make a blog having a go at many online shopping sites because of them not dealing with adult merch (or ore specific, hentai), this one was going to be more serious, however i later decided to never release the blog because it was suitable for most people, but it woulkd put me in a high risk of getting kicked off of wordpress, however this idea may be done as a youtube video (however i highly doubt it)


maid sama rant

now you all know i did a 2 part blog about my FINAL thoughts on the anime series (i have been talking about this anime for a long time), well that was actually going to be a 3 part blog, the first part would be spoiler free, the second would be containing minor spoilers and the third one was the review, i decided to forget the spoiler free one, because all of the old maid sama blogs were prettty much spoiler free anyways, so there really was no need for another one


thoughts on clannad after story attempt #1

long story short, i was not impressed with it, so i tried again (all of it is pretty much the same but the blog never looked decent to me)


anime review the tale of princes kaguya

so this blog was obviously a review i had been wanting to do for a long time, however when i actually got to it, the film had very little to review about either because the scenes were too long or the fact that i had nothing to joke about, this blog was dumped however i may carry on the review and may upload it


thoughts on love,election and chocolate:

the problem i have with these “my thoughts” blogs is that i need to not spoil that much of the anime PLOT as possible, i can review the characters as much as i want but not the plot,this is why i never did this blog, because i would need to explain the story in full detail to understand the characters, which is why i left that blog, although i will say, i f***ing love this anime and its a must watch (the first 4 episodes were kind of boring but after that it got better) and the intro so awesome


and thats only a few of them,like i said it happens to all of us, we have a plan, but we dont feel like uploading it, anyways i’m gonna go deal with my stupid cold now, bye








  1. so ive just read the terms of service of wordpress, i may do the _____henntai problem blog but it will need to be VERY clean and suitable for all…which might be hard, so it may be a video or blog….or neither


  2. Is WordPress strict when it comes to adult material? I have come across smutty posts over the years.

    Can’t blame UK stores for not catering to hentai fans. The content of some books would probably land you in jail, as the country has a bunch of silly laws.


    • i’m npt saying that hentai is not the problem (there probably is alot of hentai fans out there, but its more of the fact that many stores have it on the first page of results when you type in “anime”

      people complain saying “why is it tagged anime?” of course its going to be tagged anime it comes from japan, but shouldn’t they put it somewhere on the 78th page or a page that not many kids will see?

      (as a side note, i love how the front covers say not for children, like we couldn’t tell from the front cover pics lol)

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