Entertainer Blogger Award


yup, i got Tagged for another award thing, this one being the EBA which stands for EVIL BLOGGING ARSEHOLES….not really, it stands for Entertainer Blogger Award, i was nominated by matthew903 (aka Matt in the hatt/matthew),


thank you for nominating me =) i dont usually get these awards often xD,  anyways, ive got to answer some quiestions, so lets do it



(before you ask, shopping centre is the british term for mall) to be honest i dont really eat at a shopping centre, but i think it would have to be frozen yogurt/fresh ice cream that does it for me, i like food thats fresh…and its fresh…so i like it

(why did i do this???)



Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde was one hell of a book for me =D everything about it was so suspenseful and just made you want to read more, the story is about a sceintist known as jekyl butafter drinking a potion, he turns into mr Hyde (every night), the story is great to read so i wont spoil anything else, go check it out its worth reading.

images (1).jpg



simple, my sister introduced it to me, so i tried it out….thats really it, its  nothing special



anything really xD i play games, watch anime, google stupid things, drink tea etc etc, i drink ALOT OF TEA ( its my 5-a-day), coffee? not so much, it just tastes like it was burnt. i like to play rhythm games/adventure games, my favourite rhythm game is obviously osu! andi have played too many adventure games, that i dont know which one i love the most lol, i am getting into the lara croft series though

( oh btw when i recorded part 3, the quality/fps was absolute sh*t so i did not bother uploading it)


now i know a lot of peole who should desevre nominations, but i can only choose 12 bloggers, so i had to choose the ones i think deserved a nomination, they are mostly really old followers but they gave me a lot of support when i first started (i also  love there content)

Jo Smith: https://darkhauntings.wordpress.com/

Girlygeekgirl: https://girlygeekgirl.com/

Cokikay: https://cokikay.wordpress.com/author/cokikay/

cultivating time: https://cultivatingtime.wordpress.com/

MiddleMe: https://middleme.net/

AIS journal: https://aisjournal.com/

atomic words: https://sunesiss.wordpress.com/

notesworthy: https://notesoworthy.wordpress.com/page/3/

Katzenworld: https://katzenworld.co.uk/

Seb Dani: https://yourwebhome.wordpress.com/

thirtysoethingbelle: https://thirtysomethingbelle.com/

theotakujudge: https://theotakujudge.com/


this part is  for the nominations: what you have to do is:

write the award post (dont forget the award pic)

answer the questions ( favourite food at a shopping centre? favourite book? why you started blogging? and what you do in your spare time?)

say thanks to the blogger who nominated you/ Leave a link to there blog

nominate 12 bloggers for this award

dont forget to add these rules onto your blog


anyways thanks for all reading and thank you matt ( https://matthew903.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/the-entertainer-blogger-award/) for nominating me =)

good luck to all nomations =D

excited to see your thoughts =)



  1. 1) Fried chicken I suppose, although I rarely eat at the shopping mall.

    2) If mangas count, my fave stuff is Gunslinger Girl, Death Note and Gunsmith Cats. In terms of traditional books I used to be a big Stephen King fan. Misery and the Shawshank Redemption were especially good.

    3) I mention this in the About section of my website. I have always enjoyed writing reviews and in recent years was posting my opinions on a third party site call Dooyoo. Sadly the site died so I decided to continue on a blog that I have full control of.

    4) Play lots of video games and watch anime.

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