thoughts on K-on! (with the most minor spoilers mentioned, seriously, they are minor spoilers that no-one will be annoyed about, but then there is always going to be someone wondering why i used spoilers in the first place….)

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so i just finished watching K-on! (series one), and its one of my favourite anime’s I’ve ever seen, its basically about a music club…and thats about it, really. yup, its the most simple idea but its so great.

all the characters are memorable in the show, especially Yui, she was just silly and adorable to look at

bandicam 2016-08-26 20-56-19-962.jpg

(the girl on the right)

giphy (1).gif

(how can you not like that smile on her face? its too adorable)


the randomness of the show really yells out “anime”, its really amusing/funny to watch.


there is one major problem with the first series…the creators didn’t bother so animate most scenes when they try to play, they instead show you random pics of items…wtf? thats just pure laziness, and thats not a good thing at all, i cant let that slip off of my head, its just irritating that the creators were lazy to not animate some scenes, its like trying to make a cake, but you dont have the ingredients, so you just get bread and put sugar all over it, people will still recognise that its bread and they will think your lazy


images (3).jpg

download (4).jpg

what do you have to say creators?


…oh forget it!


overall, this is one of my favourite anime’s i have ever seen, its cute and cheap, now i have to buy the expensive season 2 now haha

(maybe later now because, i’ve bought way too many animes this week and school starts in a week…yeah, that means i wont be able to blog that much sadly)


so what do you think of the show? do you like it? or do you think its a load of sh*t?



























your still reading?! this is the end of my thoughts on K-on! (series one), what more do you want? i’m still working on my next review, so it will be a while



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