40 followers?! =D

so im just browsing random stuff, checking my tweets, working on my current review and then i see this in my notifications!

bandicam 2016-08-26 19-25-40-927.jpg

i just want to say thank you to everyone following me, it really means a lot to me, i love talking to you and seeing what you guys want me to do, you people are amazing. even if i am busy very often or dont blog often, you people still stayed following my blog, and that does mean a lot to me =D


i also want to do a Qna to celebrate, if you have any questions (can be any, even if its stupid) just put a comment down under this blog



what else can i say aside from, ARIGSTO GOZAIMASU!!!=)

bandicam 2016-08-26 19-59-12-098



    • i dont really watch new released animes ( i dont use online anime sites and dvd’s take forever to get shipped to the uk), but the anime i watched this year (that did not come out this year) that i enjoyed so far is K-on! it had such a satisfying feeling to it


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