thoughts on: the devil is a part-timer

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yes, that is really is the title of the show


so i just finished watching the devil is a part -timer and its really good; there was some really good scenes in the show, trying to choose one was impossible for me, they were just too good to chose from xD


all the characters were memorable, the devil was amusing, chiho was silly to watch but she is one of the more memorable characters in anime, lucifer was by far my favourite character (yeah, he was just a cool guy, i’m a lot like him too, i just browse the internet alot and don’t really take part in any conversation)



emilia was such a bad-ass in this show, everything she did was awesome!



this is a show that tries to take itself seriously as well as take the p*ss of satanic…stuff, and it did a great job on that, much unlike the sh*t show Mr Pickels

bandicam 2016-08-16 00-14-11-746.jpg

(trust me, you don’t want to watch this show, this is a show that will make you feel sick, and not in a good way…no! stop googling it! i’m warning you! don’t do it….and you still watch it. And for those who did not google it “good boy”)


also who does not love the intro? it may not have very much to do with the anime itself, but its one of my favourite anime intros by far, seriously, I immediately downloaded the song for osu!, thats how good it was

so why did i say it was very good? well the content of the show was very slow, and sometimes there were episodes that did not have much to offer at all sadly, which is why i did not consider it “brilliant”

do i recommend the show, yes, will you be satisfied with this show? maybe not 100% but none the less its worth buying (hey, and its cheap, i only spent £9 for the complete collection)

this is a show that anyone who is into dark, but silly shows….or just a better way to watch Mr Pickles

bandicam 2016-08-16 00-14-11-746



  1. I agree this was a good anime! I loved the episode where Emilia tries to kill him with a knife and the cop dismisses it as a lovers quarrel 😂 Shame poor Satan, he has his hands full.

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