why does no one talk about porco rosso?

if you ask an otaku “what is anime?” they will respond with hent-i mean studio ghibli!!!!

=/ =/ =/ =/


everyone seems to find there films amazing. in my opinion i do like some of there films, but most of them are not my type of anime sadly, they are not all bad (which is why its difficult to review one) but some don’t feel very entertaining to watch.

many people love Hayao Miyazaki’s films such as ponyo (which i was lucky enough to buy for 40p), spirited away (which i find way too appreciated, it is not bad, but many appreciate it way too much) and castle in the sky, btw has anyone noticed that one of the characters in castle in the sky LOOKS  LIKE DR ROBOTNIK…LOOK AT HIM, ITS SO OBVIOUS THAT ITS DR ROBOTNIK,

download (10)

bandicam 2016-08-03 16-33-33-384.jpg

anyways moving on, there is one Hayao Miyazaki film that nobody seems to like/talk about, this is called “porco rosso”, so why does no-one talk about it? why does no-one talk about it, because its probably one of my favourite Miyazaki film, but nobody likes it =/

its a memorable story with memorable moments and characters in it, and yet it seems that it does not interest anyone.

the film is based on a person who got turned into a pig (very odd), and he apparently is one of the worlds most famous airplane driver/superhero and everyone loves him…except for some haters, he then gets lost due to his plane crashing due to one of the haters trying to kill him (dont hurt porky the pig, who else is supposed to do the looney tunes ending?). im not going to ruin the rest of it because it really is a film you need to watch/rewatch, this is one of my personal favourite anime films to watch =D

also, tell everyone to watch it




  1. I haven’t seen Porco Rosso but I def need to. I think I can answer your Spirited Away question. Spirited Away was actually my first Miyazaki film so for me it’s very nostalgic you know what I mean? Like I can’t give an unbiased opinion about it because it was my first one so I just love it! It seems like for a lot of people Spirited Away was their first Miyazaki film so I think that’s why it gets so much love. Haha I admit I’m guilty of that.

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  2. I love them all, but I think Ponyo is on of my favourites 😀 What about you? Whisper of the Heart? Shall we watch it 😀


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