thoughts on temple of osiris

yes, its a non-anime related blog because (many old followers know this), i LOVE to play video games and this used to be a gaming blog-site thing, in fact, the first ever blog on this site was a review of burnout. I have a big collection of games (which i buy from bootsales* or charity shops or in a store for cheap), and i mean a REALLY big collection, dont believe me, take a look


*bootsales= flea markets in america

yeah, i have ps2 games, pc games, xbox/360, N64, gameboy, nintendo entertainment system (yup, i like to play old school games), gamecube (which i had to store in a separate box because there was too many), ps1 and DS

(btw im not rich, as said, i buy games/systems in bootsales or stores that sell them for cheap)

dont worry anime fans, there will be an anime blog soon.


anyways, if you have been on my youtube channel, you know that i like to play lara croft and the temple of osiris

and the game is really fun to play, i’m not much of a lara croft fan, but i love playing this game so much (i did record part 3 of the game, but the recorder was not working properly). the game is much like any other lara croft game (aside from the birds eye view gameplay), its a puzzle/adventure RPG which requires some skill to play…btw you probably want a gaming mouse with a lot of buttons, the razer mouse are great to play (the one with the 12 button dial pad)

the game is fun to play, but i do often get bored because it does not have much to offer, you can collect red skulls but its still not worth doing (unless if you are doing a 100% speedrun of this game or you have nothing else to do.

the game is cheap to buy, even for the gold edition:


ps4= £20-£30


the gold edition comes with a chibi lara croft figure, the game, an art book, DLC and season pass (i would unbox it, but the fact is i have not used the season pass/DLC codes yet, so maybe after i use them, then i will unbox it)


overall, this game is alright, its nothing special, its fun to play and its cheap, what more could you ask for?…you really want an anime blog from me dont you? fine, give me some time…

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