Fuko and the twighlight zone

who remembers Fuko from clannad?


everyone does (she was a memorable character), she was silly, adorable and loves starfish…strange =/

anyways why am i bringing her up? well lets take a look at her in the first series of clannad, everyone at first knew her, but as time went on, everyone started to forget her and could not see her. now, some of you have probably heard something like this from another show. who has heard of the twighlight zone? (the original, not the 1985 reboot)

probably none of you have heard of this show, anyways, there is an episode in the first series titled “when the sky was opened”

the episode first starts of by telling us about 3 people who went to space

cleg (well he gets called multiple things)




cleg  goes to meet bill in the hospital to see if he knows about …, but Bill has completely forgotten him, which leads to cleg getting really irritated and confuse

so this would be Tomoya getting fustrated/confused about why people have suddenly forgotten about this guy

bandicam 2016-07-28 20-11-24-389.jpg

we are then taken into a flashback to when everyone knew the three people. Harrington and cleg leave the hospital (bill was still injured) and go get a drink at a pub. so for the most part its just your generic 1950 pub scene: people smoke, try to flirt with ladies and a classic drink

bandicam 2016-07-28 20-22-02-613.jpg

Harrington then gets a phone call about something and then dissapears (he no longer exists), and everyone forgets about him,

now unlike fuko’s story, all evidence is gone as well

bandicam 2016-07-28 20-29-18-607.jpg

so after that, cleg asks everyone if they know about harrington, and everyone says no

this resembles Tomoya asking everyone if they know Fuko but no one does.


and then at the end cleg dissapears and only bill remembers him, but no one else does, and then bill dissapears and then nobody remembers any of them


so as you can see, fuko’s story is basically something from the twighlight zone…must of just been a coincidence =/ or was it?

anyways just imagine Fuko with the twighlight zone intro (any) played in the background…yup, feels strange



  1. I loved Fuko. I wanted to take all her starfish so she could be happy😭😭😭 but I love twilight zone. My favorite one is the pig faced people. The lady had a beautiful face but she was considered ugly because she didn’t look like the pig face people

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