(no spoilers)thoughts on clannad after story


so last night i finished off the clannad after story (hooray). and this one made me cry…alot. i dont usually cry from films/shows/anime but this one made me cry, sometimes it was because of how happy the moments were, maybe it was because how sad the scenes were (and there are 2 MAJOR scenes i really cried at). this show had a really cute/ really sad story that anyone would cry at.


at first i thought it was just the creators trying to get more money (yen it would be for them), but i was wrong

download (7)(thats your oven glove)

they actually put effort into making this sequel to make it a classic that everyone will remember, and i tell you what, you did a excellent job.


every single episode in this series (including the bonus ones) were fantastic to watch, it was really irritating when i was trying to watch episodes 5-8 (which was a strange emotional part of the show)and i had the fresh prince of bel air theme song stuck in my head whilst watching the anime, why? i don’t know it just popped into my head =/

(never really grew up with this show, never came on tv too often where i lived)


if you have not seen the clannad, watch that first before this one, this is a must have for your anime collection, its a masterpeice (the first series and the after story). if you have not seen this…then go and buy it…or watch it on any online anime site like crunchyroll who cares just go watch this anime =)

this is one of the best anime’s out there!!!

gorithific production

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