so why don’t i post often??????

as you all know i love to blog, but why don’t i post often???


1)high school

the vast majority of you know that i go to high school (im only 13 remember) which means i also have to focus on my education to live a better life and get a good job (no blogging is not my job, i just do it for your entertainment and to keep you happy), so thats one reason


2)i don’t have many things to talk about/review

last year (when i was new to wordpress) i talked about anything, it could of been:



3)maid sama

4)studio ghibli

5)other random stuff

but  now i usually don’t have much to talk about because i decided to keep my site simple and not have a dozen topics to talk about, so that means i only do stuf gaming/anime related, but that does mean it takes a while because i need to play  a lot of the game so i can talk about what happens in the game, or i need to watch a anime movie and tv show, i cant just give my thoughts out just by watching half a film or a show, i need to watch all of it. so this means i dont have much to talk about (and why they take so long)

(note: i dont use online anime sites like crunchyroll” i buy them on dvd because im just used to having something solid)


3) the reviews take a long time

by this i mean my reviews such as the maid sama review (which is now missing the pics) and the origin:spirits of the past review. alot of bloggers liike to give there blogs out to people often, and they are entertaining to read, but when it comes my reviews, they take a long time to  do, how long do you ask?

the maid sama review took 3 and a half months to do

origin spirits of the past review took me 2 months to do

so as you can see my blogs take a long time to do


anyways thats enough for me to talk about for today, i hope you understand why my blogs take so long


a gorithific production

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