thoughts on black butler II

wait?! wheres your thoughts on clannad: after story gorithific?!!

answer is simple, im still watching the series, so just wait, the blog will come out very soon. (well if you really want to know some of my thoughts, i posted some tweets about them)

bandicam 2016-07-18 19-37-57-051

bandicam 2016-07-18 19-38-48-548

(i will explain in the blog)


anyways its time to talk about one of my absolute favourite animes of all time!


no wait! wrong show, have not seen that show for years (probably because its a kid show and i am 13 now so it would be awkward if i really did that…strange how no-one makes fun of the show anymore)

im talking about BLACK BUTLER =) !!!!!!!!

download (4)

who doesn’t love this anime? its got a great story, memorable characters and a perfect ending, this is by far my favourite anime of all time…


but what about the sequel? what do i think of it?

its great, to be honest, there is nothing bad with it, i like the story, all the characters are good, even the new characters were pretty interesting, they were not great, but they were interesting.and who doesn’t love the intros/outros? so what is the problem with this show then?

why did black butler need a sequel? thats really my answer,when you think about it, the first series was great, but it should of only been one seasons, not two, to me this anime just seems really pointless (much like when death note changed L into Near, and yeah lets not talk about that section of the anime), think about it, the second series really had no point to it. but that does not mean to say it was a very good anime, i enjoyed it and everything worked very well in the series.

do i recommend this anime?

only if you REALLY want to see more black butler, if you thought the first series was alright, then you should probably leave the second series, if you are really into the first series and just simply want to watch more black butler, then go ahead and pick it up


anyways im off now, need to find an anime to review from my really tiny collection


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