thoughts on ocean waves


ocean waves is a great film….its so good, its got everything you want in a love story…this film is not actualy good…its a peice of sh*t

in case you were wondering i was going to make this a review until i realised the film didn’t include subtitles so i could not take any pics :/

ocean waves is just your average cliched love story, much like love rosie was, come on everyone, we need to make a new love story for films, not the same one.

download (1).jpg

the film has nothing interesting to it (the anime, not love rosie, ask someone else about that). you have a guy and a girl, they love each other, they have an argument and break up with each other, then they are back in a relationship at the end… this is why us males hate these types of films, because its the same one used over and over again.


I thought studio ghibli could make good films, but it turns out only some of there films are great.


thats really all there is to say about this, because its the same old love story and there is no point of me talking about it anymore. dont watch this anime at all, your just going to waste your money on it. if anything, you should watch love rosie, its not my type of film and it was not very good, but at least it did some things right,whilst maybe keeping the same story, it was presented way better than…whatever this anime thing turned out to be




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