SGDQ 2016 is over =(

yup, it was that time again the games done quick marathon started, and my god was it awsome

first of all i need to make this clear, I WATCHED THE STREAM, I DID NOT GO TO sgdq2016


it was amazing, such to the point that i stayed up nearly all night watching the final games of the stream,

the stream, somehow managed to get $1.2 million, yup, the same amount as agdq got (well sgdq got some more money this time though), the best part was, it was near the final games and they were at $980,000 but it felt like they would not be able to get 1 million by tonight (until i realised that the estimate of the games were wrong on the site and they threw in a secret game ) but then the yettee (the t-shirt brand, not an actual yettee) donated $20,000 which got them to 1 million (the game being speedran was final fantasy 6 when they got the 1 million jackpot)

and that is really all i can say, sorry this was short but i also have an anime to review as well so until then,see ya


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