(anime) review: Origin:spirits of the past

…an anime cant get any more boring than this one. this anime is one of the most boring films i have ever watched, and don’t complain that its cheap, the girl who leapt through time was cheap and was a very good anime, same for summer wars, why not this one?

even the cover says “almost painfully beautiful”…wow…is that supposed to be positive or negative?,

well, enough talking, lets get right into this anime and wish we didn’t

so the anime movie begins by showing us the planet earth all destroyed…by that i mean the stuff we built

bandicam 2016-06-15 21-18-57-927.jpg

(i got nothing)


and then a song gets played…and i hate it, its so bad i can’t even talk about it, i felt just like this guy in this video (not owned by me)




and then we see a title card of the films name

bandicam 2016-06-15 21-24-57-267.jpg

so after 4 minutes worth of terrible singing, we see clouds…yaaaay????? :/


bandicam 2016-06-15 22-02-48-707.jpg


so then we meet one of the main characters Agito and some other unfunny person, and they are running on the most DANGEROUS BRIDGE YOU WILL EVER SEE, seriously how f***ing dangerous is that bridge?! and why are they running on it, imagine if one of the planks snapped or you slipped off, you fall to your doom!? and someone lives on one of the sides of the bridge?! who would do such a thing?!

bandicam 2016-06-15 22-03-53-796.jpg

so apparently they are off to go and get some water for their village…why exactly? sure they look poor but they seem active and that probably tells us that their whole family is active.

so they decide that they are going to be idiots and go to the bottom of the well, one of them runs safely and the other one…bandicam 2016-06-15 22-10-13-506.jpg

…apparently decides to be a maniac and jump of the building to get further down…are you insane?! WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT?! if people need water, then why are you taking the risk to accidentally die because of being an idiot and letting everyone no longer live?

so one of the main character fell down and landed on a sharp rock…thats what you get when you take a leap of death…you maniac

bandicam 2016-06-15 22-16-17-498

so apparently he cant let the guards hear him or he gets arrested…or something…so not only are you trying to kill yourself, you are also being illegal…WHATS WRONG WITH YOU KIDS?! even maid sama had a way better beginning than this.

so after a few minutes later, they got down the well

bandicam 2016-06-16 22-04-44-701

oh look they died well thats the end i guess see ya….



(a few days later…literally) im back =D



so some nonsense talking happens (like as if we have not had enough from the previous anime we talked about) about what agito will do when his dad dies…why exactly are you asking this right now? you should be doing this later on in the film…oh wait you are not in the rest of the film (i kid you not, he does not appear till the end of the film)

bandicam 2016-06-16 22-10-32-436

also i need to mention how lazy the drawings are, they look like they had some random piece of paper and scribbled a character and decided to make him the main character…everything agito does is so boring to watch


but then what do you expect from a £2.99 anime? probably a LOT MORE THAN THIS!!!!


so then these random guys find them in the bottom of the well…aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd…i dont know what to say, there is nothing to say. this is one of the problems with this anime, you  cant really explain it because you dont know what the hell is going on

bandicam 2016-06-16 22-14-20-428.jpg

so agito suddenly gets taken away by the river (aka gets lost in the river) and then- oh my god the devil himself haunts this well, they have been drinking, satanic water!!!!!!

(get used to this, this might be in a few reviews)

ok its not the devil but its apparently its scans agito to see if he able to do…whatever happens next, and the laser hurts your eyes really badly, and i kept missing the scan when taking a pic so yeah :/


so the light was actually a part of the terminator-i mean a storage room for dead people…well, sort of, my god we are not even a quarter way into this anime and my brain hurts already because of all the stuff happening…

agito finds this girl that has been frozen for years…why exactly? is it just an ancient girl or is it like the scene in jason X where they had no choice but to freeze jason before he killed anyone?

downloadbandicam 2016-06-18 18-13-57-822.jpg


so agito releases the girl from this chamber by touching it…if that is supposed to be a chamber, it is the weakest/most fragile chamber their is because if it can be opened with a single touch then it is poundland quality and thats not good

and then the girl says this

bandicam 2016-06-18 18-22-25-180

yup, this is the first thing she says…if i were in this situation, i would run off immediately

its like she was frozen whilst she was halfway through a conversation, its like when you watch a stream and no nothing about it


meanwhile, some important people or upset that the water is going away because of agito an someone else…we still need to know this guys name, the anime has not given us any info on him at all, then again, he is not very interesting either

bandicam 2016-06-18 18-26-51-556.jpg

so the girl asks agito where they are quite politely, but what does agito do? ignore her question and tells her to drink some water… 😡

bandicam 2016-06-22 17-35-30-586

bandicam 2016-06-22 17-37-07-067.jpg

so after the two kids managed to escape via making an exhaustively long dramatic scene that is not actually dramatic, its just boring to watch we finally see them in their home town

and we also find out that the girls name is toola…wow…what a dumb name, what were the creators thinking?




this is where they live

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-04-58-649.jpg

ok, i have two problems with this

1)why would anyone live here

2)couldn’t you at least put some effort of drawing, it looks like a stock photo, maybe it is a drawing…but it is probably not

we also meet this girl named minka, who wants to marry agito…beleive it or not, she is one of the only actually good characters in this film, sure she is annoying but she is entertaining…so the creators of this anime decided to only show her in a few scenes…SON OF A-

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-10-26-118.jpg

minka is told that she has to take care of hammer lady- i mean toola,and she does not mind that

so now its dinner time at minkas house

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-17-16-922.jpg

…i understand you are poor, BUT PUT SOME EFFORT INTO YOUR FOOD! even nagisas mum (from clannad) could cook better, even if it didn’t taste niceCktTU0PWUAAqceG.jpg


0-0 uhhhhhh, minka? pls tell me you are actually wearing something?!

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-23-49-106.jpg

so some random guy wants screwdriver-woman – i mean toola for whatever reason…and nope we have not seen his face yet


so now minka and toola go shopping…come on! now your making them shopping addicts?!

while they are on the way minka explains why agitos dad has silver hair

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-27-55-740.jpg


bandicam 2016-06-22 18-32-51-040.jpg

so apparently these…horrifying things are living creatures…who say that they cant give any water back for whatever reason…im confused


so toola gets a phone call, and before you ask, yes, she is the only one to have a phone 😦 luck lady 😦

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-39-14-152

but then minka suddenly stops the phone call…by simply holding it…what the hell? why just have a password? dumb kid

anyways minka suddenly hates toola and says that she will marry agito…and what is your point here? is it to annoy toola? or is it because you like agito more, answer…i dont f***ing know? its just so random/ pointless

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-44-24-802.jpg

so now we meet agito…doing something….and i cant really explain because the creators thought it was a good idea to make the camera rotate

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-46-46-820

i really dont understand the purpose of it….maybe its to make us wish we were not watching this

(30 minute mark…whooooooo)

so now agito sees toola entering the forest, and the other kid is wearing some glasses but since one of the lenses has fell out,i just consider it the eyepatch v2.0

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-52-43-551.jpg

so now the jungle tries to kill her but agito kills the trees…surely agito would of been an second too late to rescue toola…im pretty sure that should of happened

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-58-32-953

so nonsense talking happens (i cant deal with anymore nonsense talking, help me) and then toola starts saying nothing but bullsh*t…if only the bullsh*t man would ever talk about why nonsense talking is bullsh*t, also if you have not watched the series “you know whats bullsh*t” well you are in for a treat, its a youtube show where someone talks about stuff that is complete bullsh*t so anything like dvd’s or pennies all that type of stuff, heres a video of one of the episodes, this is one of my favourite youtube series yet (not owned by me)


bandicam 2016-06-22 19-02-45-557.jpg

maybe that might of been a good thing hammer lady


so toola wants to visit agitos dad…oh great, so its on the other side of that dangerous bridge, why would his dad live on the side of a dangerous bridge?!

bandicam 2016-06-22 19-18-37-974.jpg

he does not even help toola, he just runs off as if to say “you have one chance, good luck”, i thought we were in an anime,  not bloody saw where you have to play a game to save your own life


so we find out that agito’s dad is a tree…a tree, of all things, you made him a tree…thats something i would use for random pics (which will no longer be on wordpress, next blog explains everything)

bandicam 2016-06-22 19-26-53-559.jpg

since when is it a good idea to make someone a tree?! nobody will ever draw him, he probably will never even apppear on fan art friday hosted by anime girls NYC

anime girls NYC site: https://animegirlsnyc.com/

so after that scene we-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my ears! were in a pub and its noisy as hell! 😡

anyways minka finds out that the girl that she…suddenly hates is a girl from the past….but ithought she was listening to her and the mayor of this place talk about the past, how dumb can you get?!!!!

bandicam 2016-06-24 17-25-32-919

bandicam 2016-06-22 18-10-26-118


so these guys are talking about toola and that if you can find her, you get promoted…wtf?! so minka…being the spoiled brat she is, decides to help them…or thats what we know so far

bandicam 2016-06-24 17-30-37-423.jpg

so then minkas brother says this

bandicam 2016-06-24 17-32-46-630.jpg

oh really? gee, i wonder what happens at the end? oh yeah! you dont, cause you are not used in that part of the film,and why are you even saying this?!

first minka wanting to marry agito, and now, random relative bloak wanting to marry toola, it will never happen, its almost as much as seeing hatsune miku but as a real person,not computer animated


so now this random guy (who was that guy from some other scene) finds minka and decides to take her away…WHAT THE F*** IS HAPPENING?! I AM LITTERALLY CONFUSED FROM THIS PART OF THE MOVIE!!!

bandicam 2016-06-24 17-38-36-740

so these guys are known as the rabans (sound like rabies to me) and the leader wants toola hel[ him re-create the world he used to know…WHY?! you know one day it would have to be re-re-created?bandicam 2016-06-24 17-44-33-030

and the leaders name is shunack….sounds like some cereal bar brand


goofy:hi their what would you like?

you:i would like a shunack bar please? wait why are you crying?

goofy:because i got fired from working on the film origin:spirits from the past

you:who cares, it looks horse sh*t



bandicam 2016-06-24 17-46-51-109




also, imagine if this was a dragonballZ spin off called: dragonballTREE

if it existed, i would probably buy it because i would have to warn the world not to watch it

bandicam 2016-06-24 17-55-12-114.jpg

(in case you are wondering, i have only started to watch dragonballZ, and to be honest, its not really my thing)


so shunack the cereal bar kills the dragon…what else is there to say?

alright this scene istaking too long so im just going to quickly whizz through what happens

so agito tries to stop toola from being taken by these guys, the raban does not let her go and the scenes over, yay, moving on :/

so…bandicam 2016-06-24 18-11-23-232.jpg

agito and his dad talk about toola leaving…i really cant say if this is nonsense talking or not

so agito decides to go to the forest to stop toola from doing stuff…i dont know, im so tired (when writing this blog) that i have no idea what is going on

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-14-47-641.jpg



so toola is on a train…sitting down…very quietly…looking lifeless as ever…bandicam 2016-06-24 18-18-37-028.jpg


bandicam 2016-06-24 18-20-55-033.jpg

so the train gets to some…reaally…boring…place…i…feel…really…tired, you know what im just going to call it poundland

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-22-25-235.jpg

so toola has to use her phone thingy as a map for shunack to use…google maps ami right?

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-27-20-827.jpg

so agito is running…i forgot that agito was in this film lol

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-28-45-843.jpg

why does the quality look bad too? looks like it came out in 1996


so minka decides to go find agito and help him…trus me minka, you would die in half a quatre of a millisecond in the forest

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-30-51-878.jpg

but luckily, she gets caught red handed

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-32-48-812.jpg

thank you white haired guy 🙂

so its been a day and agito is still in the forest…im pretty sure toola is far away now agito

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-34-52-658.jpg

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-35-33-648.jpg

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-39-38-658.jpg


WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS FILM? these forest people are talking to agito, and then give him powers and white hair…that is by far the biggest wtf scene from any entertainment, what could be more wtf than that?!

(oh yeah :/ )

so now agito fights this horribly animated robot thngy

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-45-43-583

and wow, does it look hideous when animated, it looks unfinished

so now agito slices the entire robot in half with his hands…dont be a showoff when it comes to nonsense sh*t like that, because we dont care


back at poundland, toola and shunack are ready to go to….i dont know :/

but agito ruins poundland and gives us this look

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-54-19-511

but before agito does anything, he gets drugged and his body feels heavy…well your not really any good if you get drugged ea silly

bandicam 2016-06-24 18-55-58-827.jpg

so agito gets locked up on a wall…oh great so now he is an SCP then?

so finally they decide to kill him (what a great way to end the film)

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-01-03-357.jpg

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-02-53-697.jpg

damn it its not the end of the film :(, on the plus side he is turning into the hulk, wonder how the hulk actually feels about them plagiarising him ? he is probably quite angry

so agito escapes and now he is on a rampage to get toola back, even though toola has said she does not want to come back, if she does not want to come back then why are you forcing her to?

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-11-36-459.jpg

so after agito is knocked off the train and gets told that if he carries on he will become like his father (by turning into a tree), agito still decides to rescue toola…im getting so bored of this now, in fact this is literally the rest of the film left :/

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-18-10-722.jpg

wait? now what the f*** is happening, we have these random flashbacks of stuff?! stop throwing random stuff at us

so apparently toolas bunch of people were extinct because…lets just pause here, simply guess why they no longer exist, just guess…because of a meteorite, YOU GUYS ARE HUMANS NOT DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-22-13-404.jpg

(we are actaully an hour into this film, not 35 mins)

anyways the rabans and toola enter a volcano because i have no idea

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-27-24-421.jpg

so toola puts her raban into this thing and this thing called istokbandicam 2016-06-24 19-34-29-206and his father starts talking nonsense


so now the volcano has legs WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF!!!

but toola realized she has been fooled as the volcano was used as a weapon

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-40-17-155.jpg

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-41-50-458.jpg


oh great we have a cliched fight scene, here is what happens

oh look agito fights shunack

oh look agito almost rescued toola

oh look agito is almost dead

oh look agito is losing in the fight

oh look agito turns into a tree….but unlike his father, he actually turned into a proper tree

bandicam 2016-06-24 19-54-38-217.jpg

oh look toola stops the volcano

oh look toola is sad that agito turned into a tree

oh look agito is free from the tree

bandicam 2016-06-24 20-01-19-884.jpg

oh look they escape

oh look the movie is over

do i recommend this movie? NO! NO NO NO NO NO  NO! never watch this anime at all unless if you really want to review it , but otherwise, never watch and leave it alone, even it is £2.99 in your local hmv (its just some british movie store), dont watch it

now im gonna take a break for a bit and then its back to blogging 🙂


a gorithific production



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