random pics 4!

about time i do another one of these…for those of you who are unaware of this blog series thing, i just google things that are completely random (this is also a blog that many of my old followers enjoyed)

well lets get started…



strange how we never get red bags any more… but then yet again, when  have we ever had a red shopping bag? well CEX used to give us bags that were red but they were more of like a string bag you would use for PE (physical education), tell you what though? they lasted for a long time those bags did



gaming keyboards, they make the best clicking noises in the world. also what keyboard do you prefer? a razed keyboard or a slim keyboard? i prefer a razed keyboard and a pocket watch (because pocket watches are awesome), however with that said the apple keyboards are quite comfy as well but anything else…they just feel weird to press

download (1)

if anyone is a king and gets this crown…go buy yourself another one because this crown is so boring that it makes those burger king hats look even better

download (1).jpg

what can you say about teletubbies…if they make a anime of the teletubbies, then count me in i will watch it


download (2)

there is some salt…and there is some pepper…and there is some more salt…and a table…


download (3)

this train looks like a bus…i dont know why…also…ah forget it, its just a train and i know no one who uses a pic of a train for anything


download (4).jpg

is it honey? nope… its oil, or maybe it is honey…but then why would it be if i googled oil? someone pls tell me what this is, is it honey or oil?


well thats about it for random pics today, im slowly starting to lose interest on these which is a bad thing because i do enjoy making these, but who knows if i will stop doing them (i probably wont)

a gorithific production



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