update on maid sama part 2 +youtube channel

right so i have started on the maid sama part 2 blog (where i go through the first 4 episodes) and it is going to take a while, now i have NOT REVIEWED an anime before, i have talked about anime but i have not actually REVIEWED one before.

now when i first started the review, i found out their was no vlc media on my computer, so i had to first download it, and then i actually managed to do stuff, but, about an hour of work later, the save draft crashed, meaning i lost 20 minutes of work, so i had to go and redo that 20 minutes.


now another thing is that i have spent 2 hours on this review, and i have not even got half way through episode 1 yet, so that may take a while. and the only times i am able to do this review, is on a friday and saturday because i have school.


so this is a little update on the review, it will come out in…i dont know how long, but none the less, i am putting  a lot of effort into it, and i am going through the anime slow, but quick as well

ALSO, i have a new youtube channel, its just me playing some random games, and no, i am doing more blogging rather than youtube because wordpress is AWSOME 😀

link is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChBK3FjYAmkBUBbZsSkJjlQ



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