(game) thoughts on super meat boy


oh my god is this game hard. right so since ive got my new gaming pc, i bought a game called super meat boy, if you have not played it before, then you do not know how hard it can get, i got stuck on world 2 in this game, WORLD 2!  its hard, and i dont like it…im just kidding with you, i love this game alot, it is so addicting, and when you are on a hard stage, you dont want to turn it off, you want to finish that level, i once nearly stayed up all night just to complete the world 2 boss.


so the plot is simple, meat boy loves bandage girl, dr fetus hates meat boy, so he kidnapped bandage girl, and now he has to save her (not dr fetus, meat boy), thats it. the animations in the game are entertaining, and stupid, but they are very memorable

now you can download the game or buy it on disc, i bought the ultra edition for £5  and it came with a poster, the soundtrack and a comic (which was in the manual, which i found rather stupid).

now the game is very short, but since the game is hard, it will take a while for you to get far, how short is it? well i am on the last non-secret world and it only took me about 4 days.

now do i recommend the game? hell yes, you will love this game as much as you hate it because of its difficulty.  if you find the game for cheap, buy it, its an amazing gem that many  gamers must play

anyways thats about it for today, sorry this blog was short but i need to do part 2 of my maid sama blog  which will take a while

anyways bye

a gorithific production


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