(part 1)final thoughts on maid sama (some spoilers but nothing major)

ive been talking about this anime series for AGES on my blogs, but everytrime i have tried to, i failed at saying why this anime is sh*t, so i am going to talk about why this anime is terrible  and then i am done with talking about this anime.


now the first problem with this anime, is that it took 5 years to get this anime into the uk. the anime began in 2010 (i think) in japan, in 2012 it was released in the USA, and in 2015 it was released in the UK, and that was only part 1, in 2016 part 2 was released.now i understand that it can take years to get anime from japan to the uk, but not in 5 years time.most of my old bloggers may remember i did the worst studio ghibli films (i dont know if its still up or if i have deleted it, but if you remember, one of the films i put on the list was the tales of princess kaguya, now that anime  was made in 2013 and was released in the uk in 2015, so it only took 2 years to change the region lock and ship it to the UK, so if that anime can ship it quickly, then why cant maid sama?


now on this site i dont talk about hentai… but what i am trying to point out is that this show does not know what genre it is, some episodes are romance, but sometimes nudity is almost shown and dirty jokes are thrown in and-lets stop talking about this now, but anyway, this show needs to know what genre it is, dont have half of the episodes romance (well, there really is not very much romance in this show anyway) and the other half chicken clothing, just stick to one genre


now if you follow Anime_Girls_NYC ( https://animegirlsnyc.com/ ) you may know she did a blog  called whats your favourite anime character?, and i replied saying that my favourite characters is sebastian and ceil phantom hive from black butler. But…if you want to know one oof the anime characters i dont like, its usui takumi. this guy is simply one of those guys who is really boring. all he does is stalk misa-chan and say dirty things…thats it, their is nothing else he does in this show, just watch 3 episodes and you will understand how boring of a character he is.



now the cafe known as maid latte in this place is fine, it is all colourful and the design is quite good, but im not talking about the cafe itself, im talking about all the sh*t genre days they do, one was look/act like a young sister, another was be a butler, and another one,i sh*t you not, was dress up in a different coloured maid suit. notice how none of these are unique whatsoever, if you cant think of anything unique, then dont have the idea at all.

anyways this was just some reasons of why the show sucks, in the next part i will go through episodes 1-4 and review them, so yeah the next part will have spoilers. anyways part 2 wont be my next blog, my next blog will be gaming related (because its been ages since i have done one) and then part 2 will come out.

anyways bye

a gorithific production






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