top 5 angry kid episodes (redone)

as said on twitter, here is my redo of the top 5 angry kid episodes


5)sofa attack

this episode is really strange. so the angry kid (he has no name, also hes  the bloak with red hair) and his sister are watching some sort of horror film and eating popcorn. another person (the one with glasses) fancies some popcorn and tries to get some, but all of his plans fail, afterwards he gets attacked by the dog and is tossed onto the sofa. i like this one because it is unique compared to the other ones, well sort of, and it is very very strange, like i said



originally this was no.5 on my old list, but anyways, this episode, angry kid turns into an emo… thats it, however after he talks with his dad and when his dad is saying that it may become useful (sarcasm), he changes into his normal self. i just find this one silly and charming and makes me smile.


uhh… you know when you want to say bad words, this is basically it, angry kid just wants to say bad words (also, most abusive angry kid episode yet)


2)captain thunderpants

we all love music and we all want to listen to it. anyways the angry kid wants to listen to some rock music, but everytime he does, he distracts his dad, and his dad gets p!$$3D  off with him. this one is just funny because of the ending (thats really the only reason for it as no.2) which i shall not ruin for you




yes, this was no.1 last time. but it still is, i could not help it, it was so funny to watch it, i dont want to ruin it for you but this is by far the funniest angry kid episode yet


so those were my top 5 favourite angry kid episodes. i removed the last one because the whole thing was a complete mess and i didnt understand what i was even talking about, so i have redone it because many liked the original but for me, it was just a disaster.


a gorithific production


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