thoughts on clannad (no spoiler edition)


clannad is a very well known anime that came to the uk in 2010 (i think), and it is so intersting to watch because its not like the studio ghibli where it just about the love of the main characters, but it is about trying to encourage yourself to do things you have always wanting to do with the help of others too.


all the characters are amazing (i wont name them since this is a no spoiler blog), they all are unique and have really strange characteristics for them, heck even the side characters the community would probably forget about are actually interesting and memorable.

the design of the characters are amazing, all the detail put into these characters are so good, all the effort into these characters are simply just “amazing”

the humor is perfect for this anime, it is so random and funny and some scenes just left me confused

the story itself is so memorable, again i am not  a romance fan, but this show was so cute and adorable, i sound cringey like this, i know but it is just so ADORABLE.

the theme songs are not quite catchy, but they just stick onto your brain (especially the ending song, it is burnt into my brain and it wont come out)


thats all i have for now, thank you for reading

(no i have not seen the after story so NO SPOILERS)


a gorithific production




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