thoughts on osu!


so i have recently been playing osu! for a while now, and let me tell you, you wil adore this game so much!


so what is osu!?

osu! is a rhythm game with a bunch of modes included

1)osu! drag your mouse to the beat (i dont recommend a mouse, you should use a drawing pad that you could hook up to the computer)

2)osu! mania= same as stepmania, hit the keyboard when it tells you to (also you can adjust the amount of buttons you must click for the song, you can have 1-8 buttons to tap to finish the song)

3)taiko=same as osu!mania except that you the mouse buttons (dont use the apple mouses)

4)catch the fruit=catch the fruit during the song

now these modes sound easy to do but it depends on what songs you downlad, and how fast it goes. now most of the songs are usually fast, but some are slow too.


the songs

the songs you get on osu! are mostly japanese, but some are english too. also, guesss what anime intro you can download for this game?


anyway, like i said, some of the songs are fast, and not just fast, but insane! i tried to do the big black (10%) and centipede (14%) and i barely got anywhere (on osu!mania that is), that is how fast they go, and if thats not bad enough, you can speed it up even more, sometimes it is good but sometimes it is just pure insanity!


thats about it for how osu! works, but if you want to download the game (pc only, there is a tablet one but its sh*t) then here is how

  1. sign up to osu!
  2. download osu!
  3. log into the osu! GAME
  4. start downloading songs from the site



i cant really say anything about it, it is one of the best games ive played (and its free), all modes are fun (well taiko in my opinion isn’t very good) osu!mania is probably my most favourite, it is so much fun tapping along to the song (but i should probably get a keyboard rather than using my laptop keyboard, no i wont use my gaming keyboard because i dont have it yet and if it breaks because of the game, i would have to stick to a bland keyboard for my new gaming computer which would not be very exciting, in case your wondering, the gaming pc has came but it has not been hooked up yet). osu! itself is fun but with my mouse, it is not possible to complete a song with it (its too sensitive with a mouse) and catch the fruit is alright i guess.

anyway, thats it for today, i’m of to bed, goodnight 🙂

a gorithific production







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