t’was my birthday :/

yup, i am mentioning about this late at night :/ anyway, today was a fun day, i came downstairs, my sister sais “happy birthday :D” and i say “you too”, even though it was not her birthday… well you have to be different on your birthday…


so what did i get on my birthday?

i only had a few but i didnt ask for much stuff to be bought, beacuase i was going to get a gaming pc, i will have to wait, i dont have it yet, it will take a while to come, and the samething for a capture card, so that was 2 presents i am getting later. but hey for the meantime, i got some bruce lee films (the big boss, fist of fury,enter the dragon and game of death), have not seen them yet, but i will soon (also, just to let you know, i rarely get blu ray because i dont need one, i dont own a blu ray personaly , but we have a family blu ray, and the only movies i bought on blu ray was the rocky films, and may i just say, ALL ANIMES IN MY COLLECTION ARE DVD! NOT BLU RAY! i dont know why they came out on blu ray, but i hate anime that is on blu ray, it just does not feel right) i also got a pop figure of dead pool (aww yeah) i have never owned a pop figure before, probably because they are too expensive for what they are. and last but not least, i got an anime.


after this, my family and i went out to nandos because i have never tried it before, and it was… okay, it was not amazing food but it was nice 🙂 and then i had a waffle (note to self: put this in the next random pictures)


and guess what i did next? it was so exiting, it was so cool, IT WAS… doing boring homework for school 😦 why?!


anyway thank you all for reading this blog. i am making a gaming blog (about sega)but it will take a while. thank you all for listening 🙂 have a good night or a good day depending on where you live 🙂 and happy birthday to when it becomes your birthday 🙂


a caotain eyepatch production



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