i hate everything… has been taken down by Youtube D:

really youtube… REALLY YOUTUBE! you have taken down I hate everything, well that’s a load of SH*T, I hate everything did not need to be taken down, and if that’s not bad enough, this is why he  is taken down, because  his video “destroying the little fighter” was violating youtubes terms of service, really? instead of just removing the video, you decided to terminate his channel…FROM JUST THAT ONE VIDEO THAT ONLY HAD A FEW PARTS OF THE MOVIE IN IT, YOU DECIDE TO TAKE DOWN HIS VIDEO! bravo youtube, sre you that stupid? tell me, are you that stupid? bring his channel back… NOW! DO IT NOW!



and I hate everything, if you are reading this, then make a channel on blip or metacafe if youtube wont let your channel back  onto youtube… I am sorry for this happening to you 😦


simply someone production



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