agdq 2016… is over :(

so I did  not post any blogs on Saturday, why? because the agdq was on, what exactly is the agdq, well the agdq (awesome games done quick) is a week long stream for charity, people complete games for charity and that’s pretty much it, but damn are these players good, someone completed mirrors edge in half an our (well sort of) (video not owned by me)


when does the stream begin? the stream begins on January the 3rd and ends on January the 9th. this is a stream that you should watch from beginning to end (yes I was watching the stream on twitch).


you could also win prizez by donating to charity, and im talking about the basic stuff like a street fighter 5 arcade stick, a legend of Zelda majoras mask 3ds and a no fear pinball machine.

there is also a modded rob the robot called TASbot in the stream, TASbot is just a rob the robot who can play any game, and just watch how insane he does it


how much money did they give to charity?

first of all, you donate to them which is the nent to charity, but they manage to donate 1.2 million dollars to charity, wow that’s a lot 😀

if you missed the agdq the you can watch most of the streams on youtube (like the video up there) or you can watch the sgdq (summer games done quick) which is the same thing by the same people, except for the stream is on july 3rd to july 9th.


yes they do have a website, link is here


a simply someone production


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