what a night yesterday was…

you know when you are bored and you just want to listen to music (dubstep for me, I f*cking love dubstep). well, I did that… NEARLY ALL NIGHT! I listened to so many songs like outside the box, paralyzed (disfigure remix), awesome to the max, oblivion, break it down and so many more dubstep songs, it was one hell of a night for me, I was in a mini disco, with just me, and now I just sneezed :/ but yeah, I listened to music all NIGHT LONG!

what type of music do you like, and what is your favourite song? let me know in the coment section :), and hopefully I will get back to making game reviews in 2016 🙂



  1. Shinee – all the way. I could never get tired of them. Onew purity, Jonghyuns power, Key’s quality, Min Ho’s deep timbre and Taemins blend. Next to them – you gotta have FT Island. Hong Ki is a powerhouse that hits your heart. Vanness Wu is exciting with his mixes. Jang Yung Hwa with CN Blue has beautiful lyrics that hit home. Plus, so many more Korean performers. I hope you listen in.

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