5 creepy websites

its near Christmas, so why don’t you go to some f*cked up websites, here are my top 5 creepiest websites, now I wont show many of the sites since they may be innapropriate to certain people, but anyway here are my 5 creepiest websites (and, no, these websites are not owned by me)


5# joy of satan

this website is, obviously, satanic and probably made by Satanists, it jst talks about how much they love satan. that’s really it



4# stillborn angels

ok, now that’s really f*cked up, people are sharing picks of their stillborn they gave birth to? how horrible, this is a website that will make you feel sad yet eerie



ok I might be cheating because this is more of a game than a website, basically you walk down a street when you suddenly meet someone and… you know what just take a look at the website


2# crash plan recordings

sweet mother of god, this is f*cked up, it tells you the last words of the pilot before the plane crashes and it shows the exact date and time. enough sad that’s f*cked up,


1# shaye saint john

I am pretty sure you have heard of this mascot. if not, then go and watch her hand thing video, its strange, but not scary… BUT THE WEBSITEIS!, everything about it is creepy, you need to take a look because its just creepy



a captain eyepatch production





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