top 5 reasons why death note is BRILLIANT

I love this show, its not the best anime ever though, black butler is. but their is no point doing a top 5 reasons on black butler, just watch that show and you will see why that  is my favourite anime ever. also I watch all my animes in Japanese, so, just a heads up if you don’t know what I am talking about, probably doesn’t matter, but still, lets begin…


5# the notebook

the death note (the notebook which kills people) is so cool, it has a very evil black case which is why its so cool, that’s why they made a replica of the notebook, any death note fan must have this




4# the ending (spoilers)

this is probably the best ending ive seen in a while, light yagami tells everyone that he is kira. he is then about to kill everyone when suddenly, matsuda shoots him. he then tries to run away, but ends up laying on some stairs. and then the biggest thing happens, the shinugami, ryuk, kills light yagami,and then the credits roll with light yagami closing his eyes, also the yellow haired girl (which I think was called misa- amane) commits suicide.


3# the outros

the outro songs are amazing, the animation is great, both outros are great, enough said, here they are (not owned by me and all rights reserved to viz media)




2# the characters,

everyone in this show is brilliant, memorable and badass. L is a genius, light is evil, matsuda is kind yet stupid-ish, lights dad is angry, ryuk Is just silly etc, but anyway, yeah they are badass




1# the suspense

I love every single part of this shows suspense, its so evil, so darkand so edgy, I really cant say anything else, its suspense is really great


a captain eyepatch production






  1. Death Note is one of my top three shows along with Full Metal Alchemist and Code Geass. I haven’t checked out Black Butler yet. All the clever twists and turns are what make Death Note great. L is an awesome character whilst Light is the poster boy for “power corrupts.”


    • i agree, you need to watch black butler, its a great show, i am also working on a review of death note, its based on the show after near is introduce because i found it pretty terrible (after re-watching it)

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