game review : simpsons wrestling

oh boy I cant wait to do another game review, but which one should I do?

shadow the the hedgehog, not really

spongebob squarepants the movie, need to play more of it

SHEEP, maybe some other time

grand theft auto the Gameboy color edition? are you kidding me, why would rockstar do that?


well, what could I review, oh wait, you read the title didn’t you? fine, Il do it, get prepared for a BIG pile of garbage, this might be ne of the worst tv show games ever… I am talking about is the simpsons wrestling. this game allows you to do nothing, it feels awkward playing this game and for the playstation one, that’s not easy, sure you get bad ps1 games, but this one is one of the worst in the ps1 library.



so with that said, lets take a look at this piece of sh!t

so when you start the game… screw this part lets get to the actual wrestling part, so you play as anyone of your choice (simpsons related, anything family guy is in this game, hence the title “the simpsons”) and then fight someone else, but my god it sucks, the controls are awful, the speaking is terrible, the nes could do way better with voice speaking (well sometimes), the animation is something only spirits of hell could only bear to watch, they are that bad


thJBM0YP0Xok, WTF homer, you are not even touching him, and you really look like  pervert doing that


so after you have done the first fight, which I am assuming you have not because you would of turned off the system, guess what happens, another fight happens, well F**K it I am not doing the fight, that shows you how bad this game is, what if santa got this for Christmas from a little kid


kid: here you go santa, here is a pile of sh*t

santa: oh come on, this ant really be a pile of sh*t

*sees simpsons wrestling

santa: f*ck this game

gives to reindeers to eat

the moral of the story is… kids should not swear


well I am not talking about this anymore because its such a bore to play, this game is sh*T, go play wwe 2k14, 15 or 16, now those are some REAL wrestling games


so I just want to apologize for making some game reviews short but I promise you it will be much better in 2016. I promise


here is a list of what I MIGHT do in 2016:

modern day game reviews


top 10’s as well as top 5


want anything else for me to do for 2016? let me know


a captain eyepatchprduction



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