top 5 tats top videos

tats top videos are amazing, there videos are all created by themselves, and… sometimes gets removed, but which videos are the best? lets take a look at the top 5 tats top videos… videos (not owned by me)


5# top 110 violent/ gory games

yes you heard me correctly, top 110 violent and gory games, this video is about an hour and a half long, but let me tell you something, that hour and a half is worth it? they talk about why the game is good and its problem, this is a very good top 110, especially if you enjoy boilent games, and i dont mean stuff like call of duty or halo (even though call of duty is on the list) i mean really f*cked up games like soldier of fortune, the punisher phantasmagoria and a lot more



4# top 22 gaming creepy pastas

many people love to do top 10’s about creepypastas, but tats top videos makes a top 22 that you never want to stop watching, its obviously about gaming creepypastas, but they went into full detail that you would know a good lot about that creepypastas, the video is very nicely made…it makes you feel like all of this stuff actually happened.



3# top 85 freeware horror games,

this ones is mainly for people who like markiplier,jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, someordinarygamers etc, this video names 85 horror games that are free to play on the internet, so games like scp containment breach and vanish, those types of games (now if they included sad satan or toymaker in the list, it would be very strange and weird)



2#top 25 game breaking glithces

the top 25 game breaking glithces is…well what the title sais, it is just 25 glitches that causes games to crash, some are very nutorious (like paper mario) and some are not, this is also an interesting video to watch if you are into trying to mess around with the game



1# top 30 annoying customers in reatail

have you ever seen someone who annoys you at a store? have you ever wondered why you even work at that store? have you ever wondered why anime is fun to watch? (i like asking stupid questions), well if you don’t know how that feels, just wait and see how annoying people can get, and this is basically it…WITH VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS 😀 if you want something to entertain you for a bit, then watch this video, this video was also animated all by tats himself and it is very impressive




welll thats it for today, im off to go play a game

a captain eyepatch production



















































































































































































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