this is a message for all my visitors who enjoy reading my blogs, I just want to say… thank you 🙂 when I first started this blog site, barely anyone visited, I would only get a couple of views here and there, now I am getting 10 to 30 views per day because of you 🙂


you guys are amazing for all the support, I wish sometimes, I could hug every single one of my fans, actually you are more than my fans, you are my friends, every single one of you, I want to respond to as many of your blogs as much as possible, not forgetting a single one of you, sure sometimes I don’t add comment since I have nothing to say, but I always love to read your blogs.

now for some very SPECIAL thank you’s to some people

seb dani : you are awesome, you have checked most of my reviews and blogs, thank you very much

cokikay : your poems are beautiful, they make me full of happiness, you might not be following me, but thank you for your poems

steve : you are amazing, everything you do is just amazing, when I was told that you were following me, I was so happy, thank you

cultivatingtime: you are a very good follower, your comments are fun to read, I will be always following you

kally: you have been pretty much amazing, you have seen many of my top 5’s I did, just a huge thank you!

girlygeekgirl, you were an early reader, you have amazing blogs, you have helped me when I am stuck, if I need help, I just read a blog of yours, and then I can do the blog I was having troubles on, thank you

jo smith : just a big THANK YOU, everything you have done is great, you have been talking to me like rapid fire, and you always make me smile, when you did the blog about Robert the doll (which I suggested), I was the happiest man on earth, so just one big THANK YOU! I will always follow you


so to everyone who has seen my blogs, just a big THANK YOU :’)

so to celebrate, lets have some cake 🙂 (that I found on the internet, but who cares! have some cake)






a captain eyepatch production















































  1. Thank you so much Captain Eye Patch. It is really nice that you have acknowledged your ‘followers’ like this. I am grateful to have you following my blog too. Sorry I don’t comment on all your posts but I am not a gamer. I will look for posts on other things so if you do write about anything else. All the best.

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