game review: simpsons hit and run

the simpsons hit and run was a immediate success, it was fun gta clone for kids and it is probably the best game based on a show. like I said it is a gta clone, so they did remove the guns, the adult… stuff (you know…). but, is it still as good as it used to be? lets take a look.


it starts off with homer sitting on the chair WITH A ROBOTIC BEE IS DESTROYED AND IS JUST LYING THEIR ON THE FLOOR! when he suddenly sees and advert for buzz cola, oh good, krusty sais it is not poisonous to anybody  that he knows of, beware tourists, BEWARE!

homer then decides to go and get some, and then the game starts, how does it begin? seeing your world has been infected with bees… no, you go and speak to marge to get your mission, and, as you probably guessed, it is to get buzz cola and ice cream from the kwik e mart. so once you get in your car, or use somebody elses car, and have drove to the kwik e mart, you realize that there is not much to do inside, seriously all you can do is watch people do stuff and buy clothing, why cant we do anything else in the store, there was so much you could of done game designers!

so after you have done that mission, you have to go back to marge, which you will have to do a lot in this game, why? you might as well call it simpson here and there, that would be a good title.


now after you have done all the missions in the entire game (and don’t worry you are not always at homers house, you go to different places, and play as different character) you get to the last mission. what is it? taking these liquid stuff (which I assume is in the buzz cola) to the space ship three times, THREE TIMES! for gods sake, why do it three times?

I cant talk about it for too long since it will be hard to do (plus I have not completed the game, my sister did), but I will quickly say, if you go on the game on Christmas, homer in the title screen will be wearing a santa suit.

now what do I think about the game? its great! I know it sounds boring, I know its hard, but its is so impressive compared to other games based on tv shows, this is the best show based game yet, the worst game is… I cant say it since it is the worst game I ever played (not simpsons hit and run, just some other xbox 360 title)

I hoped you enjoyed this review. also remember that I am usually busy, which means I cant really do many game reviews, so it is easier to do a top 5 than it is to do a review, but the reviews will still carry on, on this blog site.


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