top 5 Best studio ghibli movies

like they say, first the worst, second the best, now I will say, even though they are on the list, it does not mean they are amazing, only a few stand out to me and they are still not amazing, but with that said, here are my top 5 Best studio ghibli movies (all pictures are from the internet)

5# porco rosso

this movie is… well, weird, probably the weirdest movie studio ghibli movie yet, the plot is about (wait for it) a pig who saves people and is a professional pilot, oh did I say pig? I meant a guy who was turned into a pig, I considere this a “safe” anime since, its harmless and left me with a faint smile on my face. not the best, but well respected. its such a shame not many care about this movie 😦 was I the only one who liked it?


download (12).jpg


4 # nausicaa of the valley of the wind

this movie, just like porco rosso, is just, enjoyable, the movie is a dystopian movie, where bugs and insects are as big as mothra, and they want to destroy everyone, meanwhile, nausicaa is just trying to stop them, it is more complex than this, but it is still enjoyable and entertaining to watch.


( by the way, Disney did the English dub for studio ghibli, does not bother me since I wath my animes in Japanese)


3# laputa castle in the sky

this movie is soooooooo gooooooooood, the idea is unique, the story is true (apparently) and the movie is beautiful, the plot is this girl, has a very dangerous stone on her necklace which can take her to laputa, it has a lot to talk about, so I’ll probably do a review if you want me to (and there were no good pictures of the cover on the internet 😦 sorry)



2# grave of the fireflies

ok, I amdont really cry from an emotional movie, but my god, this actually made me cry at the end (won’t spoil it), this movie is about what happens when you lose your parents in a war, but they did a bit of editing to it,the kids leave there “new” mother and live survival, which sadly leads them to unluckiness (what did I tell you about the unluckiness of the video obey the walrus, I tried to warn you but nooo, you did not listen, good luck with your unluckiness). what happens at the end… find out yourself



1# the cat returns

hey, do you remember in my top 5 worst studio ghibli movies, I talked about a piece of sh*t movie called whisper of he heart (I think your heart is trying to tell you something), do you remember that cat statue? well, he got his own movie, and it is the best studio ghibli movie ever. its about haru, a girl who has unluckiness at school (whats with these guys watching obey the walrus, doesn’t anyone know about its curse of bad luck?),  and then saves a royal cat, which leads her to ALMOST being forced to marry him by the king, and ALMOST becoming his daughter, the movie is just really stupid and funny , if you see this movie somewhere, I recommend you watch it because I guarantee you wont be disappointed.



captain eyepatch production





































































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